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10t h industrial wns horizontal oil fired staem boiler, In response to the restricts of natural gas supply and pipelines, ZOZEN biomass boilers are gradually recognized.

13 Jan 2021        page view:  1001
Shipment of ZOZEN ZZ series superheated steam boiler

10t h industrial wns horizontal oil fired staem boiler, On August 25 of 2020, Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. officially held the quality management mobilization meeting. The basic design department, research and development department, process improvement department, equipment department, production department, quality assurance department, purchasing department, material planning department, all workers at the production lines and related leadership attended the meeting.

Recently, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that China’s industrial boiler output from January to July in 2020 was 184,780.8 tph, a decrease of 24.8% year-on-year, showing a downward trend. Against the background of a sharp decline in the domestic industrial boiler industry, ZOZEN Boiler managed to overcome the difficulties and achieved a slight increase in output, 10t h industrial wns horizontal oil fired staem boiler.

The former part of ZOZEN SZL coal fired boiler body is surrounded by membrane wall, its upper part connects with boiler drum and lower part connects with header, which forms a combustion chamber to absorb the radiated heat from furnace there are dense convection tube bundles between the back side of upper and lower drum, the high temperature smoke enters a separate economizer after flushing heat absorbing surface then discharge from chimney.

Due to a good market reputation, ZOZEN Boiler has also become the heat source equipment supplier of Bashi Chuanzhen Agriculture and Development (Yiliang) Co., Ltd. After the completion of the plant, ZOZEN DZL series biomass-fired boiler will provide the steam heat source for the processing of bamboo shoots and Chinese red pepper. In addition to the biomass-fired boiler proper, there are also a series of supporting auxiliary machines such as feeding system, steam distributor, slag discharger, economizer, wet scrubber, etc. to ensure the emission of boiler exhaust gas can meet the environmental protection requirements, so as to help Bashi Chuanzhen Agriculture realize the high-quality development.

10t h industrial wns horizontal oil fired staem boiler, The grate bracket adopts double brackets, the lower channel steel, the upper light rail, the upper heat, the lower force, which has changed the structure of the traditional grate bracket angle steel plus friction bar, the grate bracket is not deformed. The active stoker is operated on the light rail and it is tested in the cold state for 48 hours before leaving the factory. Never run sideways, stuck, which ensure the smooth operation of the stoker.

With the application of patented technology in chain grate furnace, ZOZEN has realized the high efficiency and low emission of DZL series steam boilers. The thermal efficiency can reach 82% and NOx emissions can be less than 100mg/Nm3, which not only improves the combustion efficiency but also reduces the operating costs and pollution emissions of enterprises.

Industrial boiler belongs to special equipment and has high requirements for product safety factors. As the domestic well-known boiler supplier, ZOZEN has advanced mechanical equipment, mature manufacturing process and guarantee of boiler quality. In addition, via the innovation and development of ZOZEN’s professional design team, the structure and material of boiler proper are continuously improved and optimized to greatly extend boiler’s service life. It is also worth mentioning that ZOZEN’s automatic boiler control system with dozen kinds of safety protection interlocks can fully ensure boiler’s safety. In the aspect of environmental protection performance, ZOZEN boilers are also outstanding. The flue gas emission of ZOZEN boilers nearly meets the EU standards. The NOx emission is low to 30mg, which realizes the goal of low-nitrogen emission.