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ZOZEN Boiler Partners with China IPPR to Bring Advanced Heating to Uzbekistan

12 Sep 2023

ZOZEN Boiler, a renowned boiler manufacturer from China, has a rich legacy of providing top-tier boiler solutions for diverse industrial ventures. The company has recently joined hands with China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. to pioneer cutting-edge heating technology in Uzbekistan.


ZOZEN assists the heating project in Uzbekistan

ZOZEN assists the heating project in Uzbekistan


Project Spotlight: ZOZEN Boiler Fuels China IPPR's Ambitions in Uzbekistan

At the heart of this heating initiative lies a pivotal collaboration between Uzbekistan and China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. Nestled in Andijan city, the capital of the Andijan region, this project revolves around the revamp and augmentation of a 110MW gas-fired hot water boiler room. Such advancements promise a marked improvement in the city's municipal heating efficacy and dependability.


ZOZEN Boiler's Involvement:
In alignment with this grand collaboration, ZOZEN Boiler furnished two sets of SZS30-1.6-120/70-YQ and an additional set of SZS50-1.6-120/70-YQ fuel and gas hot water boiler systems. Rigorous quality checks were conducted on each equipment piece, ensuring their commitment to longevity, stability, and utmost safety.


ZOZEN's gas-fired hot water boiler in Uzbekistan

ZOZEN's gas-fired hot water boiler in Uzbekistan


Technical Merits of ZOZEN's SZS Series Boilers:
ZOZEN's flagship SZS series boilers, now operational in Uzbekistan, epitomize automated safe operation. By harnessing the power of IoT and sophisticated remote control systems, these boilers are equipped for real-time operation monitoring. This state-of-the-art framework allows an expert team to oversee the boiler's performance remotely, ensuring prompt detection and rectification of potential issues.


During its installation, the SZS series hot water boilers caught eyes with their eco-friendly attributes. They are meticulously crafted to boost thermal efficiency: innovative features like the membrane water-cooled wall and expansive furnace design optimize heat transfer, while the pairing with economizers effectively curtails the flue gas temperature. The result? A staggering system thermal efficiency that surpasses 96%.


The onsite installation of ZOZEN's gas-fired hot water boiler

The onsite installation of ZOZEN's gas-fired hot water boiler


Fostering Global Alliances for an Eco-friendly Tomorrow:
With the world unanimously gravitating towards eco-conscious and carbon-neutral solutions, ZOZEN Boiler has cemented its reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader. Their synergy with China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. in Uzbekistan doesn't merely amplify ZOZEN Boiler’s footprint in international ventures; it underscores their unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable growth.

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