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10.5 MW YY(Q)L thermal oil heater for rubber plant

Thermal oil heaters cases
  • Type

    HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Capacity

    10.5 MW

  • Location

    Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • Model


10.5 MW YY(Q)L thermal oil heater for rubber plant
Case introduction

Wuxi kanglong Rubber Products Co. Ltd. produces rubber and latex products including gloves etc.. During rubber material manufacturing process, vulcanization needs heating under 190-220°C, and finally create rubber. if by using steam boiler, the corresponding steam pressure is at least 2.5MPa, this boiler will be much more expensive and the whole system will be more expensive with high request. So thermal oil heater has unique advantage in rubber plant. It can reach high temperature under normal pressure; boiler construction cost is lower than steam boiler. Also, oil transfers heat more stablely, it guarantees product can reach accurate temperature, which makes process more accurately running. This heater has compact structure, it is transport as a whole bodyinvestigation, Wuxi kanglong Rubber Products Co. Ltd. chose ZOZEN thermal oil heaterwith capacity 10.5 MW.

Customer feedback—— Wuxi Kanglong Rubber Products Co. Ltd.

Thermal fluid heater is necessary in rubber products manufacturing plants, and it can reach high temperature under low pressure.ZOZEN is one of the few suppliers who is good at both steam boiler and thermal fluid heater, we are satisfied with ZOZEN’s quality and service. 

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