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Tanzania Building Material Industry 6 Million Kcal Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Project

Thermal oil heaters cases
  • Project boiler medium:HMO (Heat Medium Oil)
  • Capacity:6 Million Kcal
  • Location:Tanzania
  • Equipment:YLW-7000MA
Customer feedback

In the middle of this year, we went to the production base of ZOZEN Boiler to inspect goods. The sales manager of ZOZEN Boiler was quite responsible, she made a cross check on the sales order report and drawings. After a series of careful and strict measurement, the results showed that all the products had passed the acceptance test, and the dimensional accuracy was high. The cooperation was very pleasant and smooth.

Saint Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries Ltd.

Case introduction

I. Project Background:

Saint Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries Ltd, founded in 2015, is a joint venture between manufacturing giant Saint-Gobain and Lodhia Group. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of gypsum board, which is sold to Tanzania, Kenya and neighboring countries.


After many investigations, Saint-Gobain Lodhia finally selected ZOZEN Boiler as the supplier of the thermal oil heater.


II. Solutions:

ZOZEN Boiler provides a set of YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater for the customer. This series of boiler adopts the muiltloop square coil design with high-efficiency insulation materials and advanced construction technology. The boiler can produce higher temperature under lower pressure. After testing, the thermal efficiency can reach over 85%.


Meanwhile, the automatic control system ensures the stable operation of the boiler, it is able to adjust and control boiler parameters according to the specific operating environment of users.