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Finland 7 Million Kcal Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater for Impregnated Paper Manufacturer

Thermal oil heaters cases
  • Type

    HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Capacity

    7 Million Kcal

  • Location

    Kotka, Finland

  • Model


Finland 7 Million Kcal Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater for Impregnated Paper Manufacturer
Case introduction

Dongwha was founded in 1948 as a wood-based manufacturer named Dongwha Enterprise Co., Ltd. Now, Dongwha has established overseas production bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and Finland. The Finland plant produces different types of impregnated papers. The thermal oil heater is purchased to provide heat source for an RTO waste gas treatment system introduced by Dongwha Finland.


I. Difficulties:

1. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Dongwha Group cooperated with ZOZEN Boiler in the way of "zero contact" online sales.


2. The sales manager of ZOZEN Boiler learned that the space in the control room of the customer site was limited, therefore, the designers of ZOZEN Boiler had to redesign the electric control cabinet according to the current situation on the customer site.


3. The lowest temperature in Finland in winter could reach -26 degrees. The low ambient temperature would affect the operation of the boiler system, so it was necessary to redesign and adjust the boiler system according to the temperature.


II. Solutions:

According to customers' needs and local actual conditions, ZOZEN Boiler designed and customized a set of 7 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater for Dongwha Finland. Due to the pandemic situation, the person in charge of Dongwha Finland was unable to supervise on site, and the E-commerce Department and sales staff of ZOZEN Boiler cooperated to show the whole manufacturing process, including blanking, assembly, hydrostatic test and packaging, by means of photos, videos, online meetings and live streaming.


When designing the boiler system, the designer of ZOZEN Boiler specially insulated the burner and some lines in order to adapt to the local climate conditions in Finland.


According to the actual situation of the customer's on-site control room, ZOZEN Boiler fully communicated with customers, obtained the on-site situation and relevant data of the control room, and then redesigned the electrical control cabinet to match the actual operating environment.


According to the customer requirements, all devices are designed and manufactured according to American ASME standard, and have obtained CE certificate issued by Lloyd's.

Customer feedback—— Dongwha Finland

Because of the pandemic situation, we couldn't go to the site of ZOZEN Boiler for face-to-face communication, but ZOZEN Boiler took us to visit the factory through live streaming, the cloud supervision was realized through the network. ZOZEN Boiler also showed us the whole manufacturing process. Excellent service could not be separated from professional team support, and every staff of ZOZEN Boiler had proved the power of ZOZEN to us.

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