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Seize the day and live it to the full, ZOZEN successfully held the Staff Conference of 2020

09 Jan 2020        page view:  1024

On January 6, 2020,ZOZEN successfully held 2020 staff meeting and commendation conference. General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping made a comprehensive and objective summary of the company's development, put forward the development plan of 2020. At the conference, the model employees and excellent teams were presented with awards by General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping.

Annual Staff Meeting of ZOZEN

Annual Staff Meeting of ZOZEN

Review the achievements and deficiencies in 2019, deploy the six key work in 2020

Facing the policy and market trend, ZOZEN had experienced an extraordinary year on the road of transformation and development in 2019. In this year, ZOZEN further improved product quality and service efficiency, and promoted the company to achieve high-quality and sustainable development. The total sales in 2019 increased by 5% compared with the previous year, especially in the international market of which the sales performance far beyond the historical level. General manager Mr. Zhang Guoping affirmed the achievements of ZONZEN in 2019. Standing at the height of the times and the overall situation, the general manager found the problems and deficiencies in the development process of the company.

What's past is prologue. In 2020, moving forword with burden, ZONEN ushered the “Management year” again, six key work points have been deployed for the enterprise development: firstly, grasp the opportunity of the ever-changing times and carry out information management comprhensively; secondly, strengthen quality control and standardize all processes; thirdly, solve the service problems fundamentally and improve the service level; fourth, further improve the brand building, innovate the marketing concept and increase the rate of inquiry to order; fifith, continue to strengthen 6S scene management; sixth, introduce advanced management organization and carry out performance appraisal all over the company to reform the management shortcomings.

General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping made an important speech

General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping made an important speech

Seize the day and live it to the full

The growth and development of ZOZEN owed to the efforts of every employee. In addition to the correct decision and comprehensive deployment of the leadership, the efforts of the management personnel and the hard work of every grass-roots employee are indispensable . At the annual staff meeting, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Xiaojun read out the award list of 8 excellent teams and 25 model employees, commended and rewarded the excellent teams and model employees.

Zou bin, who was awarded the model employee and excellent team of 2019, made a speech as the representative of model employees on the stage. He said that the honor was a kind of spur for future work. He would strictly require himself with higher standards, be diligent in his own work and make contributions to the development of ZOZEN.

Leaders of excellent teams received awards and accepted commendations

Leaders of excellent teams received awards and accepted commendations

Review the past, the employees of ZOZEN were full of harvest. Prospect the future, the employees of ZOZEN will seize the day and live it to the full. In the new year, under the  leadership of General Manager Mr. Zhang Guoping, ZOZEN will continue to pay attention to product quality and service quality. All the staff will unite and stick to their faith to compose a new chapter for the future development of ZOZEN.