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ZOZEN Reached Environmental Cooperation with Libbey On the Gas-fired Boilers

14 Jan 2020        page view:  1030

As an industrial boiler manufacturing company with more than 30 years of development history, ZOZEN today's achievements are inseparable from its sustainable development concept.  Recently, ZOZEN reached cooperation with Libbey Inc., the global glassware industry giant. The two sides shared the same development concepts and became friendly and trustworthy partners.

ZOZEN Implements the Concept of Sustainable Development Actively

ZOZEN took the lead in putting forward the sustainable development concept of "green manufacturing" in 2012, and established the corporate vision of becoming a global trusted industrial boiler manufacturer. ZOZEN has been committed to improving its requirements and standards for environmental protection and corporate social responsibility all the time. Excepting to create more value for customers, ZOZEN has integrated the concept of sustainable development into all departments and production processes.

Exterior View of ZOZEN Manufacturing Workshops

Exterior View of ZOZEN Manufacturing Workshops

Under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, ZOZEN has invested great efforts in improving the environmental performance of boilers. While introducing and training professional and technical talents, ZOZEN carried out cooperation with research institutes actively for the improvement of comprehensive performance of boilers. Relying on excellent technical innovation capabilities, the gas-fired boilers made by ZOZEN have reached the international advanced level in terms of performance and environmental protection.

ZOZEN Becomes the Friendly and Trustworthy Partner of Libbey Glass

In recent years, air pollution control has attracted great attention. As a global company adhering to sustainable development, Libbey responded to environmental protection actions actively and decided to update the existing gas-fired boilers to achieve low NOx emissions and reduce the impact on the atmospheric environment.

Founded in 1818, Libbey Inc. is the second largest manufacturer of glassware in the world, as well as the standard maker of catering glassware industry in North American, providing products such as glassware, ceramic tableware and metal tableware to the food service industry and consumer markets all over the world. With over 1 billion annual output value, Libbey operates 6 glass manufacturing factories in 5 countries on 3 continents, located in the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal and China, and exports products to over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Libbey (China) Co., Ltd. was set up to develop the Asia-Pacific market. After two years of construction, the glass tableware factory located in Langfang Hebei Economic and Technological Development Zone was put into production in early 2007. Its production capacity was up to 100 million per year. Libbey planned to purchase steam boiler equipment and was attracted by ZOZEN that shared the same green development concept with Libbey.

ZOZEN and Libbey Reached a Cooperative Relationship

ZOZEN and Libbey Reached a Cooperative Relationship

The two sides reached an agreement on boiler selection and cooperation details quickly during the negotiation. Libbey had a deep understanding of the excellent performance of ZOZEN after  conducting a field inspection to ZOZEN project site in Hebei. Finally, Libbey purchased the WNS series gas-fired boiler from ZOZEN.

The WNS series gas-fired boilers manufactured by ZOZEN have realized the ultra-low emissions of NOx≤30mg/Nm3 in the boiler flue gas through the selection of advanced low NOx burners and the use of various low NOx combustion technologies. The low NOx emission can meet the requirements of Libbey, with which Libbey can pass the environmental acceptance easily.

ZOZEN WNS Series Gas-Fired Steam Boiler for Libbey

ZOZEN WNS Series Gas-Fired Steam Boiler for Libbey

There is only one earth. An increasing number of enterprises are constantly striving to build a community of shared future for humanity. In the future, ZOZEN will adhere to the original aspiration of sustainable development, design and manufacture more efficient and environmentally-friendly boilers and explore more boiler system solutions to promote the realization of environmental protection goals.