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ZOZEN 2022 Team Building Activity - BBQ

24 Nov 2022

On November, ZOZEN Boiler organized employees and their families to hold BBQ team building activity. This is an annual activity held by ZOZEN Boiler, which aims at relaxing the working partners and gaining a stronger sense of collective belonging.


ZOZEN BBQ team building activity

ZOZEN BBQ team building activity


Besides BBQ, various small games were held. At ten o'clock in the morning, the tug-of-war was held first. As a simple and easy team sport, tug-of-war became one of the ways to quickly gather team strength. The friends watching the battle spontaneously formed a pep squad to cheer for the participating teams. The second game tested the tacit understanding between the players and enhanced their familiarity with each other.


The people of ZOZEN enhances tacit understanding and friendship in the game

The people of ZOZEN enhances tacit understanding and friendship in the game


In the last round of the game, the team members blindfolded and picked up another colleague, not only to cross obstacles, but also to write blindfolded under the command. All the participators worked together to write ZOZEN Boiler in Chinese and put an end to the game.


ZOZEN colleagues enjoyed the food together

ZOZEN colleagues enjoyed the food together


Later, the colleagues of ZOZEN started the wonderful time of BBQ, enjoying food and scenery. Although there is only one team winning in the game, we can all be winners in our jobs.


ZOZEN held the 2022 BBQ team building activity successfully



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