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ZOZEN Boiler Held a Farewell Party for Retired Employees in 2022

19 Jan 2023        page view:  1002

On January 8, ZOZEN successfully held the 2022 collective honorary retirement farewell party, which fully reflects the company's attention and care for employees after retirement, and effectively enhances the sense of honor, belonging and happiness of retired employees.


At the farewell party, He Yongmin, Vice Chairman of Production, Feng Xiaokang, Manager of Production Executive Department, Lu Zhongxin, Office Director, and Zhang Xin, Manager of Human Resources Department, attended the farewell party and extend greetings to the employees. Lu Zhongxin, Director of the Office, expressed his high respect and sincere gratitude to the retired employees, saying: "The development of ZOZEN is inseparable from every drop of sweat that retired employees have shed. Thank you for your decades of perseverance and dedication. The results you have achieved during your time on the job are highly anticipated.”



The farewell party for retired employees of ZOZEN Boiler


Later, He Yongmin, the Vice Chairman of Production, also delivered a speech: congratulations on the successful end of your career, and I am also lucky to work with you for so many years. Most of the retired employees this time are from the production department, some are welding experts, and some are cold work backbones, which have contributed important strength to production.


Faced with the care of leaders, the retired employees have spoked freely, looking back on their youth in ZOZEN Boiler, there were good times when they fought side by side with their colleagues. At the same time, they also thank the company for its cultivation and care over the years, and they were very happy to be able to achieve good results in the position they love. Finally, the employees also put forward their valuable opinions and suggestions on the future development of the company, and expressed their best wishes for the company's prospects.



Group photo of retired employees of ZOZEN in 2022


Before leaving, the leaders presented certificates, flowers and gifts to the retired employees, and took a group photo together to permanently define this important moment.