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29 MW SZS gas-fired hot water boiler project for city heating

Gas-fired boilers cases
  • Type

    Hot water

  • Capacity

    29 MW

  • Location

    Nankai Tianjin

  • Model

    5 sets of SZS29-1.6/130/70-Q

29 MW SZS gas-fired hot water boiler project for city heating
Case introduction

The gas-fired replace coal-fired heating project is one of the decontamination projects to improve air quality in Tianjin. As a result, the fifth gas-fired replace coal-fired boilers project in Tianjin city center was launched.

First, the coal-to-gas conversion project of the Tiantuo Heat Source Plant in Nankai District. The Tiantuo plant is surrounded by empty land to be built. The project plans to dismantle the original 3 sets of 58MW, 2 sets of 29MW coal-fired hot water boilers and 3 sets of 14 MW steam boilers. They build a new gas-fired boiler room on the west side of the existing boiler room, and install 10 sets of 29MW gas-fired boilers with auxiliary equipment, the heating area is maintained at 3.5 million square meters. Through vigorous bidding campaigns, ZOZEN provided 5 sets of 29MW gas-fired hot water boilers (SZS-1.6/130/70-Q) for the Tiantuo Heating Plant with advanced technology and strength in the boiler industry.

Second, Hedong District also undertakes the task of rebuilding 12 coal-fired boiler rooms. The Hedong District Heating Office still ordered 4 sets of 58 MW gas-fired hot water boilers (SZS58-1.6/130/70-Q) in ZOZEN boiler, to conduct a double-system boiler room renovation for Wanxincun and Fangxinyuan Heating Station, which enhanced all district’s heating capacity, making citizens who once lived in the vicinity of coal-fired boilers feel neat and comfortable again.

In order to meet the standards of the no-coal-fired heating area, realize ‘green heating’, Tianjin Binhai Heating Group Co., Ltd. also chose to cooperate with ZOZEN boiler, and ordered 2 sets of 58 MW gas-fired hot water boilers in the ZOZEN boiler (SZS58-1.6/130/70-Q) to provide residents with heating sources.


Customer feedback—— Nankai District Tianjin People’s Government Heating Office

This series of boiler adopts a whole membrane wall structure D-type arrangement, its convection tubes of upper and lower drum form the convection heating surface and ensure the whole boiler expand towards the two ends. The combustion chamber adopts narrow pitch membrane wall, which has good gas tightness and reduces heat loss and improves boiler heat efficiency. During the time of installation, the technical team of ZOZEN boiler rationally laid chimneys for us based on our specific requirements for the height and position of the chimneys, to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers. The configured secondary heat recovery condensing device also saved us a large amount of fuel cost.  

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