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29MW SZS series environment-friendly gas-fired hot water boiler project for Harbin Investment Group

Gas-fired boilers cases
  • Project boiler medium:Hot water
  • Capacity: 29MW, 21MW
  • Location:Harbin, Heilongjiang
  • Equipment:SZS29-1.6/130/70-Q、SZS21-1.6/130/70-Q
Customer feedback

We appreciated ZOZEN's efforts for the high-efficient and environment-friendly gas-fired hot water boilers which realized our clean heating purpose. Xianfeng298 gas-fired boiler had been put in use firstly after the joint commissioning of ZOZEN technicians and the gas company. With a heating area of 600,000m2, it became the largest single gas-fired hot water boiler in Harbin, which met the demand of peak load regulation in high cold period. Besides, the installation and commissioning of coal-to-gas project in Hongqi demonstration, Liaohe and Hongqi new district were also under construction.

Harbin Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Case introduction

With enhancement of environmental regulation requirement, Harbin has accelerated the demolition and merger of small boiler rooms in recent years. 10t/h and 20t/h coal-fired boilers have been gradually demolished. As a leading manufacturer of industrial boilers, ZOZEN stood out in the fierce bidding of the central heating industry. ZOZEN won the bid of gas-fired hot water boiler project for residence communities such as Liaohe, Hongqi Demostration, Xianfeng 298, Hongqi new district of Harbin Investment Group, replacing coal-fired boilers with new gas-fired boilers to realize environmental-protection heating.

Founded in 1994, Harbin Investment Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in production and supply of electricity and heat. The SZS series gas-fired package boiler purchased by public bidding performed well both in environmental protection and thermal efficiency. Adopting D-type arrangement and water tube structure, the boiler is equipped with a big combustion chamber for the full combustion of fuel. Advanced low NOx combustion technology is combined to reduce the NOx emission to 30mg/Nm3. Combustion chamber is designed with narrow distance full membrane water cooling wall which has good air proof and high thermal efficiency. Meanwhile, the flue gas condensers equipped at the tail of the boiler can effectively control the flue gas temperature, increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler to over 98%. Besides, the package delivery feature of SZS series gas-fired boiler greatly reduced infrastructure cost, which saved a large amount of human and material resources for Harbin Investment Group.