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commercial oil boilers, ZOZEN boiler leads the new development direction of the gas-fired boiler brand

30 Jun 2020        page view:  1000

As a domestic well-known industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN has been implementing the Belt and Road initiative all the time. The booming development in overseas market of ZOZEN profits from insisting on technological innovation and cultivating professional technical service team for overseas market.

Under the background of increasingly fierce market competition and rising comprehensive costs, Mengniu Dairy always adheres to the concept of sustainable development. When purchasing boiler equipment, it uses clean energy natural gas as fuel to reduce environmental pollution. So far, Mengniu Dairy has purchased more than ten sets of WNS series gas-fired steam boilers from ZOZEN.

By technological innovation, ZOZEN has designed a new generation biomass-fired boiler, and is suitable for all kinds of biomass materials (such as: rice husk, wood bits, palm shell, cotton straw etc.) to have burning experiment, the result will be the basis of design. Advantages: Full combustion of fuel, increase comprehensive heating efficiency of boiler, commercial oil boilers.

commercial oil boilers, The steam boiler supplies adequate steam support for multiple production processes including drying, profiling and vulcanizing of the rubber industry. Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of tires, it built a new production base in Thailand in January 2019. After various comparisons and investigations, General Science ordered SZL series biomass steam boiler from ZOZEN, which has the advantages of compact structure, safety and efficiency, and sufficient output. 

Increase stoker availability of stoker, guarantee boiler safely running. ZOZEN biomass-fired fuel has another character, which is high volatility and low ash content. After combustion, there is almost no ash left on the stoker, so stoker should adopt proper high temperature resistance material to work under high temperature radiation.

During the production process, the CNC cutting rate of ZOZEN has reached more than 80%, which provides a strong guarantee for the welding and assembly quality of the boiler. Compared with flame cutting, the underwater plasma cutting used by ZOZEN has no deformation and splashing, which further improves the assembly accuracy between the components of the boiler, thereby achieving accurate assembly of the entire boiler, commercial oil boilers.

commercial oil boilers, All boilers are subject to damage if proper water treatment procedures are not followed. This is an important consideration both during operation and when the boiler is idle. To avoid damage and costly repairs, monitor water chemistry routinely and ensure that you are supplying your boiler with soft water at all times.