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different boilar efficiency, ZOZEN gas-fired oil-fired steam boiler system has high degree of automation

01 Aug 2020        page view:  1000

different boilar efficiency cs, With air emission regulations constantly changing, ZOZEN Boiler has adopted new ways to keep up with more stringent standards. ZOZEN eco-friendly boilers were launched to the market, which come in various sizes. These eco-friendly boilers are more superior and efficient unlike traditional boilers as they smartly recycle heat that would be wasted.

The shipment of the gas-fired boiler
The shipment of the gas-fired boiler

Recently, relying on its solid strength, ZOZEN attracted the international fiber industry giant Lanjing Group to visit and inspect, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the company. Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber Inspection Team stated that the visit was mainly due to the need to build distributed energy sources and plans to introduce multiple gas boilers. After understanding the company's actual needs, ZOZEN recommended SZS series gas-fired boilers for Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber.

Sri Lankan customer visited ZOZEN production workshop

Sri Lankan customer visited ZOZEN production workshop
different boilar efficiency cs, ZOZEN SHX series CFB boiler, evaporation capacity from 10- 75 tph, with steam pressure 1.25-2.5 Mpa and the steam temperature is saturated steam and superheated steam. Hot water boiler 7-58 MW, supplies 130℃/150℃ hot water. Under pressure of 1.0-1.6 Mpa, the returning water temperature is 70℃/90℃. CFCB technology is a new type and mature high efficient, low pollution and green technology.

ZOZEN 4 tph WNS series oil-fired fire tube boiler for construction industry in South Africa. Pholaco is a construction materials company specializing in light steel frame (LSF) construction, EPS panel construction, and CLC (cellulose lightweight concrete) construction. ZOZEN provided 4 tph WNS series heavy oil fired boilers for the company. This kind of fire tube boilers adopt large corrugated furnace for full fuel combustion. In combination use of the thread smoke tubes, the thermal efficiency is up to over 98%.

The structural design focuses more on details. The sealing of both sides of membrane wall and drums adopt comb plate. The boiler features a drainage system of condensation water in convection zone to prevent the corrosion of furnace body by acid condensate. Advantages: reduce the frequent maintenance of furnace and extend the boiler working life.

different boilar efficiency cs, In order to ensure the accurate air distribution of biomass fired boilers, the production department of ZOZEN pays great attention to the first step in boiler manufacturing. The steel plate is cut by American Pegasus underwater plasma cutting, whose processing accuracy can be controlled within 1 mm.

Boiler after-sales service has always been a matter of great concern to users. ZOZEN promises to respond quickly to every problem encountered in the use of user boilers, and effectively solve problems for users.