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3tons hour water tube boiler, ZOZEN service centers adhere to the concept of putting customer interests first

21 Nov 2020        page view:  1000

After more than 30 years of development, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co., Ltd. has made outstanding achievements in various industries. Recently, the ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler has established a high-temperature sterilization safety line for the production of contact lenses, which has promoted the healthy development of the entire industry.

Recently, relying on its solid strength, ZOZEN attracted the international fiber industry giant Lanjing Group to visit and inspect, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the company. Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber Inspection Team stated that the visit was mainly due to the need to build distributed energy sources and plans to introduce multiple gas boilers. After understanding the company's actual needs, ZOZEN recommended SZS series gas-fired boilers for Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber.

The function of CFB boiler secondary air: Ensuring that the combustibles overflowing from the dense phase zone will be further oxygen-enriched in the lean phase zone (suspension section), so that the fuel is fully burned in the furnace and the temperature difference between the upper and lower furnace reduces.

The textile industry is a great energy consumer. As an important heat source equipment on the production line of textile enterprises, the steam boiler system can directly affect the textile quality and economic benefits of enterprises. Hebei Xindadong Textile Co., Ltd. began to implement an international industrial expansion strategy in 2013 and established a production base in Vietnam. ZOZEN Boiler customized the SZL series coal-fired steam boiler system for the company based on the local situation in Vietnam and actual demands of the production line. This kind of boiler has high efficiency, strong overload capacity and wide fuel adaptability.

The furnace of ZOZEN’s SZL series coal-fired boiler adopts a closely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure, which effectively prevents the erosion and radiation of high-temperature flue gas for the furnace. The furnace has large radiation area, small maintenance workload and light overall weight. In order to improve the coal applicability of industrial boilers, ZOZEN Boiler designs adiabatic furnace, water-cooled furnace, adiabatic arch, water-cooled arch, etc., and chooses different furnace structures according to calorific value, volatile content and coking characteristic index of coal provided by customers, 3tons hour water tube boiler.

In ZOZEN’s blanking workshop, all steel plates, steel pipes and other parts are given unique electronic codes throughout the whole production, equipment and service links. This information-based logistics mode not only shortens the distance between production and logistics supply, but also lays a good foundation for future expansion of production lines and application of new technologies, so as to improve the entire upstream and downstream production efficiency and economic benefits.

3tons hour water tube boiler, Moreover, ZOZEN professionals provide full guidance from the installation and the trial operation of the boiler to the training of the boiler operator, so that each user can enjoy one-stop worry-free service from pre-sales to after-sales.