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Introduction: three pass steam boiler: Three-pass structure of industrial boiler has advantages in design and manufacture. After the fuel is atomized by the burner, the torch formed is filled in the full-wave furnace liner, and the radiant heat is transmitted through the wall of the furnace liner, which is the first pass. The high-temperature flue gas generated by combustion gathers in the combustion chamber and turns into the threaded flue pipe, which is the second return journey. Finally, the flue gas is diverted from the front smoke box into the third return light pipe bundle area. In the whole process, the fuel burns fully, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be as high as over 98% with the help of the economizer and condenser at the tail of the flue.

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Advantage of three pass steam boiler

After three obvious turns back in the boiler, the flue gas soaks into the water, and the flue gas heats the water in the boiler drum to produce enough high-quality steam. The flue gas enters the left and right lower flue gas pipes through the back combustion chamber, goes forward to the front flue gas box, folds into the upper flue gas pipe, flows into the flue gas box from front to back, and finally removes the furnace body, which enables full heat exchange and high boiler efficiency.

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The differences between three-pass steam boiler and two-pass steam boiler

On the basis of the second return, a tube bundle area is added to the third return of the gas boiler, and then it leaves the main body after a round of heat exchange. Here are some specific differences between three-return and two-return gas boilers.

1. Structurally, the three-return gas boiler has one more heat exchange zone than the two-return gas boiler, and the smoke outlet is at the other end corresponding to the burner, while the smoke outlet of the two-return gas boiler is at one end of the boiler burner.

2. On the system, an economizer is added at the tail of the three-return gas boiler to further absorb the flue gas temperature and reduce the exhaust gas temperature. The second return gas boiler is equipped with economizer and condenser, so that the heat absorption surface is larger and the exhaust temperature is lower.

3. In terms of cost, there are more tube bundle areas of the three-return gas-fired boiler, and more materials are used than those of the two-return gas-fired boiler. However, the two-return gas-fired boiler has more stretching rods (fixing functions) than the three-return gas-fired boiler, which may be a difference of several thousand pieces. However, the two-return gas-fired boiler has more condenser costs than the three-return gas-fired boiler.

4. In terms of performance, the thermal efficiency of the three-return gas boiler and the two-return gas boiler are both relatively high. Although the three-return gas boiler transmits heat energy through three returns, a condenser is added at the tail of the two-return gas boiler. If the condenser is also installed at the tail of the return gas boiler, the boiler resistance will increase, the power consumption will increase, and the cost will not be proportional to the performance. It is worth noting that there is also the saying of multi-return-stroke boiler in the market, that is, the condenser and economizer are also included, so the two-return-stroke gas boiler added with the condenser and economizer can also be called a four-return-stroke gas boiler, and similarly, the three-return-stroke gas boiler can also become a four-return-stroke gas boiler.

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To sum up, there is little difference in performance between the three-return and two-return gas boilers. As long as they can meet the requirements of enterprise efficiency and smoke exhaust, both of them can be used. The three-return and two-return gas boilers produced by ZOZEN Boiler in Wuxi are widely used in various industries, with thermal efficiency over 98% and environmental protection performance in line with national standards. If you have any needs, please contact the human customer service online.

Boiler for the pharmaceutical industry
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Commonly used preparations in the pharmaceutical industry include tablets, pills, powders, injections, tinctures, solutions, extracts, ointments, etc. The main processes include disinfection, rough washing, fine washing, drying, cooling, preparation, granulation, tableting and coating etc. The process requires high-temperature sterilization to raw materials, equipment by a large amount of industrial pure steam, and heat is supplied for drying, cooling and tableting granulation processes. According to the experience from working with many pharmaceutical preparation manufacturers, Pharmaceutical plants has different using of boilers, and the running time varies. Some equipment operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Some devices need to run at regular intervals. The requirements for the steam system are very high. ZOZEN can customize the complete boiler system for the manufacturing industry to meet the different needs of users.

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