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agent 6t gas or oil fired boiler turkey, ten major brands of gas-fired boilers Wuxi ZOZEN announces for you

13 Jan 2021        page view:  1001
4 tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler project for textile industry

For ZOZEN Boiler, the so-called innovation not only refers to the innovation of boiler technology and products. More accurately, innovation is a kind of thinking. The innovation of products, enterprise system and marketing method keeps the sustainable development vitality of ZOZEN Boiler. It is also a destined way for the global industrial boiler industry.

Relying on its solid strength, ZOZEN gained a new partner in the paper industry in Papua New Guinea - Pom Packaging. Due to the expansion of production capacity, Pom Packaging urgently needs to introduce multiple steam boilers with stable performance to meet production needs. Pom Packaging company fully affirmed ZOZEN's expertise in biomass boilers after in-depth technical exchanges, and then ordered multiple sets of 15tph SZL series biomass steam boilers.

ZOZEN SZL series coal-fired steam boiler is package or shop-assembled water tube boiler with double-drum and chain grate structure.Boiler with capacity of 6-35 tph is shop-assembled structure, which is composed of 2 parts, upper part is heat absorbing surface and lower part is combustion equipment.

agent 6t gas or oil fired boiler turkey, The textile industry is a great energy consumer. As an important heat source equipment on the production line of textile enterprises, the steam boiler system can directly affect the textile quality and economic benefits of enterprises. Hebei Xindadong Textile Co., Ltd. began to implement an international industrial expansion strategy in 2013 and established a production base in Vietnam. ZOZEN Boiler customized the SZL series coal-fired steam boiler system for the company based on the local situation in Vietnam and actual demands of the production line. This kind of boiler has high efficiency, strong overload capacity and wide fuel adaptability.

agent 6t gas or oil fired boiler turkey, ZOZEN WNS series gas fired boiler not only adopts advanced low NOx burners. And through the flue gas recirculation technology, about 10% -30% of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler is sucked into the air inlet of the burner through the flue gas pipe, mixed with the combustion-supporting air, and then entering the furnace, thereby reducing the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion area, and finally reducing The amount of thermal NOx is generated, and the NOx in the tail gas of the boiler are less than 30mg/Nm3, which meets the requirements of low nitrogen emissions of the enterprise.enterprise.

As a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. pays attention to quality and adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship to guarantee the quality of boiler products through a complete quality assurance system. In 2020, ZOZEN Boiler regards quality management as one of the key breakthroughs of corporate development, and adopts a series of powerful reform measures to enhance the quality awareness of all employees and the quality of corporate development.

In order to attack the COVID-19, ZOZEN Boiler gave priority to medical materials manufacturing enterprises and other units on product supply. ZOZEN had completed the delivery of boiler proper and auxiliary machinery of WNS oil-fired steam boiler in two batches on March 18 and April 2. ZOZEN would work together with Ansell to make contributions to fighting against the COVID-19.