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oil boiler for packaging factory, ZOZEN boiler provides high quality and high standard experience for building materials industry

04 May 2021        page view:  1001

2020 is the start year of the construction of ZOZEN Boiler’s lean factory. As one of the key tasks of this year, based on the successful application of MES (manufacturing enterprise production process execution management system) informatization, ZOZEN Boiler will adhere to the lean management concept to build the digital lean factory, and implement the standardization of operation and workflow in every process of production and operation.

ZOZEN Boiler focuses on the Thailand market and has reached a cooperative relationship with Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co., Ltd. by virtue of strong overall corporate strength and rich project experience.

The YQW series gas-fired organic heat carrier boiler adopts a three-pass round coil structure. The coil end adopts a necked coil which can effectively protect the furnace wall at the boiler end. It is equipped with the advanced combustion device and automatic boiler operation system. The flame formed by the fuel combustion fills the round coil and transfers the radiant heat via the coil wall, which is the first pass. The high-temperature flue gas generated by combustion gathers at the rear furnace door and turns into the second pass where is the convention tube bundles area. After the convection heat exchange, the flue gas gradually cools down and then turns into the third pass via the front furnace door where is the bundles area. Finally, the flue gas passes the economizer and is exhausted into the atmosphere via the chimney, oil boiler for packaging factory.

The structural design focuses more on details. The sealing of both sides of membrane wall and drums adopt comb plate. The boiler features a drainage system of condensation water in convection zone to prevent the corrosion of furnace body by acid condensate. Advantages: reduce the frequent maintenance of furnace and extend the boiler working life.

A complete boiler has to go through many processes. The common boiler manufacturing processes include: blanking, mark transplantation, machining, assembly, welding, expansion, heat treatment, pressure test, non-destructive testing, anti-corrosion treatment, etc. ZOZEN Boiler has various kinds of automatic and digital equipment, sufficient semi-finished products stocking and good supplier relations, which can greatly shorten the supply cycle. All of ZOZEN packaged boilers meet the 30-day delivery demand, oil boiler for packaging factory.

Pakistan is an emerging market in Asia whose overall economy is at the stage of developing and exporting light industry . The textile industry is currently Pakistan’s pillar industry. In addition, in recent years, food processing, engineering, machinery, chemical and other industries have accelerated the pace of development. ZOZEN Boiler, as an international industrial boiler manufacturer, has produced high-quality chain grate boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers and thermal oil heaters which are widely applied in textile, feed, food, chemical and other industries in Pakistan.

oil boiler for packaging factory, With the rapid development of the aerated concrete industry, ZOZEN air preheating type gas-fired boiler has also been widely used to provide solid support for the industry development. It has always been the development goal of ZOZEN Boiler to produce boiler products that are highly compatible with various industries. In the future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to move towards this goal and bring users more satisfactory boiler solutions.