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fully modulated type steam boiler, As a eco-friendly steam boiler supplier, ZOZEN Boiler introduces the steam boiler types and parameters

04 May 2021        page view:  1000

After more than 30 years of development, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co., Ltd. has made outstanding achievements in various industries. Recently, the ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler has established a high-temperature sterilization safety line for the production of contact lenses, which has promoted the healthy development of the entire industry.

During the processing of broilers, whether it is retort sterilization, baking and cooking, or heating and drying, the heat source provided by the steam boiler is required. ZOZEN successfully won the full recognition of the Chia Tai Group with its systematic solutions, and became the  General Contractor of Jilin Zhengda Boiler, providing it with three 1.2 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heaters, including pipe laying from the boiler room to the production floor.

The DHL series coal-fired corner tube boiler is field assembled boiler. It uses a piping system as the frame of the entire boiler, and it bears the full load of the boiler, which makes a non-framework boiler. At the same time, this frame also serves as the down comer of the boiler and upper and lower headers. The boiler drum is an external type drum, the furnace is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, the convective heating surface adopts the flag tube structure. The corner tube boiler has the advantages of compact structure, low steel consumption and rapid temperature increasing, fully modulated type steam boiler.

The structural design focuses more on details. The sealing of both sides of membrane wall and drums adopt comb plate. The boiler features a drainage system of condensation water in convection zone to prevent the corrosion of furnace body by acid condensate. Advantages: reduce the frequent maintenance of furnace and extend the boiler working life.

The waveform stove furnace is an important part of the WNS series of oil-fired/gas-fired boiler. This part is directly exposed to the radiation of high-temperature flame and erosion of high-temperature flue gas. The use of the axial expansion and contraction of waveform stove furnace can reduce the thermal stress generated by the shell, tube plate and furnace itself, and more importantly, reduce the stress concentration caused by the elongation of furnace at the connection between furnace and tube plate. At the same time, the waveform stove furnace strengthens the flue gas disturbance, effectively improves the heat transfer effect of unit area and volume, and further improves the thermal efficiency of boiler.

At the same time, ZOZEN Boiler has gained the favor of more and more new customers by virtue of excellent quality and good market reputation. Hongrun Petrochemical, Sankeshu Coatings, Sichuan Airlines Group, BMW and other companies all choose the ZOZEN boiler products of various series based on their own demands, fully modulated type steam boiler.

fully modulated type steam boiler, With the rapid development of the aerated concrete industry, ZOZEN air preheating type gas-fired boiler has also been widely used to provide solid support for the industry development. It has always been the development goal of ZOZEN Boiler to produce boiler products that are highly compatible with various industries. In the future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to move towards this goal and bring users more satisfactory boiler solutions.