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20t boiler energy saving fully automatic cyprus, ZOZEN boiler spares no pains to assist the coal-to-gas project of the textile enterprises in response to the national calls

04 May 2021        page view:  1000

With an open attitude, ZOZEN Boiler grasps the new trends and opportunities bred by the current development of artificial intelligence to realize the deep integration of industrial boiler manufacturing industry with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, so as to further promote the overall development of industrial boiler manufacturing industry.

20t boiler energy saving fully automatic cyprus, Recently, ZOZEN successfully entered the Jordan market again. Established in 2003, Classic Fashion Apparel Industry is a Jordanian company that mainly produces high-quality garments with fine craftsmanship. The company decided to import multiple sets of hot water boilers from China under the "Belt and Road" policy. Relying on excellent product quality and good market reputation, ZOZEN successfully seized this opportunity and reached a cooperation agreement with the company.

ZOZEN WNS series and SZS series gas-fired boilers are popular in the Mexican market for the thermal efficiency which is over 98% and NOx emission which is less than 30mg/Nm3, and for the good energy-saving and eco-friendly performance. At the same time, in response to the customer’s demand for using two gases as fuel, ZOZEN Boiler changed the burner configuration and tailored the whole boiler system for the customer, which was recognized and favored by the customer.

The biomass-fired boilers produced by ZOZEN have wide fuel adaptability to a variety of fuels such as biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, straws, etc. According to different fuel characteristics, ZOZEN technicians optimize the design of feed hopper, width and length of grate, speed of grate reduction gears, ratio of primary and secondary air, position and direction of secondary air outlet to ensure the highly-efficient, energy-saving and stable operation of boiler.

20t boiler energy saving fully automatic cyprus, ZOZEN Boiler has set up seven process stop points that are material re-inspection, material inspection number transfer, plate welding test, heat treatment, pre-expansion before welding, flaw detection inspection, hydrostatic test, which are inspected by seven responsible engineers. If any link is unqualified, it will not be able to proceed to the next process, which ensures that each ZOZEN boiler has the high quality.

In September, ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler provided for Inner Mongolia Jinshan Mining had been debugged and put into operation smoothly. The boiler has a higher furnace and reasonable grate rotate speed to ensure the sufficient fuel combustion and improve the thermal efficiency to 88% and above. At the same time, the boiler convention area is also equipped with an ash removal device independently developed by ZOZEN which not only has good tightness, but also greatly reduces the workload of the boiler operation and maintenance personnel, so as to help Jinshan Mining achieve clean production and build a green mine, 20t boiler energy saving fully automatic cyprus.

With the rapid development of the aerated concrete industry, ZOZEN air preheating type gas-fired boiler has also been widely used to provide solid support for the industry development. It has always been the development goal of ZOZEN Boiler to produce boiler products that are highly compatible with various industries. In the future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to move towards this goal and bring users more satisfactory boiler solutions.