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ZOZEN Skid-Mounted Boiler is Available Now

04 Aug 2022        page view:  1015

ZOZEN Boiler found that there is a lack of construction resources for many users, which limits the selection of boiler types. ZOZEN Boiler continues to refine the existing production line. Through the R&D and design, ZOZEN Boiler has launched a skid mounted boiler to overcome the difficulty of on-site guaidance for oversea projects.


The new launched skid mounted boiler of ZOZEN is much easier in installation

ZOZEN skid-mounted boiler is a complete set of boiler heating equipment, which fixes all equipment such as boiler body, combustion device, economizer, water treatment, electrical pipeline, etc. on one or two steel bases and can be moved by crowbar. The whole boiler system is designed with companct structure, small floor area and easy transportation. The boiler can be put into use after connecting the water pipe, electricity pipe and gas pipe.


ZOZEN skid mounted boiler

ZOZEN skid mounted boiler


The whole boiler system can be customized according to the actural project conditions. The boiler adopts an intelligent and programmable control system, which can seamlessly connect with the user integrated system, to remotely monitor the boiler operation. For some projects with high requirements on the working conditions, the boiler is equipped with explosion-proof valves, instrument boxes and other auxiliary accessories, which have a high safety factor and provide stable heating for users.


ZOZEN Boiler sets up service model to open up a live streaming mode

ZOZEN skid mounted boiler system is fully configured, it requires technology, device, pipeline, structural electrical instrument and other professional technologies to ensure the rationality of the process and arrangement. After repeated tests, the skid-mounted boiler designed by ZOZEN has the advantages of saving connecting pipes, strong operability and sufficient maintenance space.


The detailed process of the skid-mounted boiler is controlled in place

The detailed process of the skid-mounted boiler is controlled in place


Many difficulties in system layout and installation are solved, and the next step is how to arrange boiler commissioning and training. ZOZEN Boiler develops a new way of online live streaming. The commissioning process of the skid mounted boiler is displayed to the user in real time through the camera. Every step before and after the startup will be operated and explained clearly.


ZOZEN carries out the live streaming on the skid mounted boiler

ZOZEN carries out the live streaming on the skid mounted boiler


ZOZEN skid mounted boiler is attracting a lot of users. At present, Kenyan oil giant KPC, Xindaxin Food MACHINERY Myanmar Factory, Jerry Environmental Protection Project, etc. have successively used skid-mounted boilers produced by ZOZEN Boiler.