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ZOZEN successfully solved the abnormal noise of the forced draft fan in chain grate boilers

07 Nov 2019        page view:  1010

In order to develop a green and intelligent mine, the leading enterprises in the coal mining industry in Shaanxi reached a cooperation with the industrial boiler manufacturer ZOZEN, and purchased a branch of chain grate boilers, which had been successfully put into operation.


One day in mid-September, the user's boiler operator found that there was a sudden abnormal noise in the boiler, and he observed that it was the sound of the vibration of the fan. In the spirit of safety management vigilance, the manager immediately contacted the after-sales personnel of ZOZEN and described the abnormal phenomenon of the boiler fan to him. ZOZEN service personnel guaranteed the user to deal with the issue ASAP, and then immediately dispatched professional technicians to the boiler room.

After the technician checked the running condition of the boilers, he considered that the bearings of the coupling of the fan needed to be inspected, so the two boilers were required to stop with abnormal noise. During the disassembly process, the technician found metal powder inside the coupling cavity of the boiler body and found that there was some wear inside the bearing. After communicating with the boiler operator, it was that the fan coupling part was not filled with lubricating oil according to the instructions in advance during the commissioning of the boiler. After a long period of rotation, the wear wa loose, causing vibration and sound during the rotation, and the metal powder was the milled powder on the bearing bracket.


After finding the crux of the problem,ZOZEN technician immediately contacted the part supplier for expedited delivery, and timely replaced the bearing of the fan coupling and the new mechanical lubricating oil. After all the installations were in place, the vibration of the forced draft fan was completely eliminated, the vibration meter detection index was also normal, and the entire boiler system resumed normal operation. ZOZEN technician also reminded the company to maintain the other components before the heating season, to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.

The client said that ZOZEN technicians had solved the problems for us in a timely and professional manner, and  eliminated potential hazards. Under the professional guidance of ZOZEN, our boiler operators were more convenient with the operation of the boiler."

Boiler after-sales service has always been a matter of great concern to users. ZOZEN promises to respond quickly to every problem encountered in the use of user boilers, and effectively solve problems for users.