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“low NOx boilers”- related faq

  • What is Low Nox? 2021-03-26
    Nox is the generic term for a group of highly reactive gases, all of which contain nitrogen and oxygen in varying amounts. Many of the nitrogen oxides are colorless and odorless. However, one common pollutant, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) along with particles in the air can often be seen as a reddish-brown layer over many urban areas. Nox forms when fuel is burned at high temperatures, as in a combustion process. The primary sources of Nox are motor vehicles, electric utilities, and other industrial,...
  • How can gas-fired industrial boilers achieve low-NOx emission? 2020-12-11
    Gas-fired industrial boilers are high-efficiency, eco-friendly and energy-saving, and they play an important role in the production-oriented enterprises. Due to strict requirements for pollutant emissions, enterprises often attach great importance to the emission performance of boilers.
  • What aspects are included in the system commissioning before the operation of oil-fired boiler? 2020-08-21
    Before the operation of oil-fired boiler, we should effectively adjust the heating system to make it conform to the actual working conditions. Moreover, what are the specific operating steps when adjusting the oil-fired boiler?
  • What is the difference between gas-fired boiler and condensing gas-fired boiler in working principle? 2020-07-10
    In general, gas-fired boiler uses natural gas to heat water in order to provide heat source for underfloor heating and heating radiator, while condensing gas-fired uses condensation technology to recycle the thermal energy from the exhaust gas.
  • What are the three main usages of gas-fired boiler? 2020-07-10
    With the industrial innovation and the advance of science and technology, steam engine is replaced by gas-fired boiler that is a kind of more energy-saving heat production machine. There are three main usages of gas-fired boiler that we need to know in order to better understand the benefits that gas-fired boiler brings to us.
  • What if a boiler burner does not function correctly? 2020-06-12
    If the boiler burner fails or is faulty, then your boiler is not going to be able to generate heat efficiently, or in the worst case not at all . As industrial boilers are in almost constant use they are built to be very robust and last for decades, nevertheless they can still have problems with broken burners from time to time. Burner pumps, heads and nozzles can all cause problems but a swift replacement should limit your down time.
  • How do I deal with the insulation missing of a steam boiler? 2020-06-12
    Missing insulation reduces the system’s efficiency. Insulation helps hold heat in the system, and when the heat can dissipate, more fuel is needed to maintain proper temperature and pressure. Since missing insulation may not be visible, the best way to detect it is with a thermal imager. If you don’t have a thermal imager as a part of your building’s operations, a plumber or other professional likely will carry one. If your energy costs have increased without a rise in the amount you use the boiler, suspect missing insulation and call to have the system inspected with a thermal imager.
  • Why do we need to insist on maintaining a steam boiler regularly? 2020-06-12
    Regular inspections can identify and correct faults in the safety systems that are designed to prevent accidents. When it comes to regular maintenance, the cost of the inspections and repairs will be dramatically lower than the loss of time and profit from a broken boiler that requires replacing. Don’t let maintenance fall by the wayside. Schedule it at even intervals throughout the year.
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