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15 ton hr coal boiler, Wuxi ZOZEN boilers co., ltd. welcomes all talents

30 Dec 2022

The price of 15 ton hr coal boiler is first affected by many factors such as model and technical parameters. In China, the market share of coal-fired boiler is very high. For a long time, the reason why coal-fired boilers are popular in the market is that the cost of coal fuel is low, and the operating cost will also be reduced. Especially in areas with abundant coal resources, it is more cost-effective to use coal-fired boilers. Facing the needs of different customers and the different emphases of purchasing boilers, the coal-fired boiler models recommended by ZOZEN Boiler are naturally different. Jiangxi Gannan Tobacco redrying Co., Ltd. purchased a 15 ton hr coal boiler from ZOZEN Boiler, and the early customers consulted the price of the 15 ton hr coal boiler.


China's natural resources are basically characterized by rich coal, poor oil and little gas, which determines the important position of coal in energy. Coal-fired boiler refers to all kinds of coal as fuel. After the heat of coal is converted, steam is produced or hot water is turned. Compared with gas-fired boilers, the fuel cost and operating cost of coal-fired boilers are relatively low.


There is no clear figure for the price of 15 ton hr coal boiler on the Internet, otherwise it will break the business environment of healthy competition in the industry. Manufacturers can't guarantee the quality of boilers by blindly pursuing low prices. In addition, the price of 15-ton coal-fired boiler is the quotation including a complete set of coal-fired boiler systems including auxiliary equipment accessories, and the specific quotation is floating.


The price of a 15 ton hr coal boiler usually has a price range, but there are many factors that will affect its quotation, such as technical parameters, brand of auxiliary equipment, transportation area, after-sales service and installation cost, etc. Here's a detailed analysis:


① Enterprises need to determine the parameters of coal-fired boilers according to the actual production demand: the specific technical parameters include rated thermal power, working pressure, rated outlet water temperature, rated return water temperature, applicable fuel, etc. The more accurate the information given, the more accurate and detailed the price of 15 ton hr coal boiler will be.


② Coal-fired boiler auxiliaries mainly include coal machine, boiler body, governor, cylinder, water pump, dust collector, blower, secondary fan, induced draft fan, chimney, etc. Different configurations will lead to different prices of 15 ton hr coal boiler.


③ Coal-fired boiler transportation cost, which is quoted by the logistics company according to the market conditions, is mainly determined by the distance between the boiler manufacturer and the customer's project site. The farther the distance, the higher the cost. If the customer asks for it himself, this fee can be saved.


④ The coal-fired boiler needs to be installed after being transported to the construction site, and the installation fee of the boiler needs to be charged separately. According to the general industry regulations, it is charged at 25% of the total project cost. The installation fee mainly includes the installation fee of boiler equipment, auxiliary machines and pipelines, handling and hoisting, civil engineering cost, installation labor cost, project acceptance and inspection fee, etc. The manufacturer will provide you with a reasonable quotation according to the actual installation conditions.


⑤ Environmental protection policy requirements: Coal-fired boilers should be set and produced according to local emission standards. According to today's strict environmental protection policies, it is necessary to configure desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal equipment, which will lead to the price difference of 15 ton hr coal boiler.


It can be seen that there are many factors affecting the price of 15 ton hr coal boiler, and the price of coal-fired boilers provided by different manufacturers is different to some extent. When purchasing boiler equipment, it is necessary not only to know the price, but also to compare the quality of products and the strength of manufacturers.

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