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2.8mw solid fuel boiler, ZOZEN boiler assists the textile enterprises to achieve the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction

01 Aug 2020        page view:  1000

Innovation is critically important to ensuring a company’s future viability. Many times, innovation is viewed through the lens of new product development that drives new revenue growth. ZOZEN, who is one of the most influential industrial manufactures in Asia, is sparing no effort to innovate the power economized boilers, 2.8mw solid fuel boiler.

In March 2019, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co., Ltd. successfully passed the French BV certification and became an in-depth factory inspection company of Alibaba International Station. Alibaba cooperated with the French BV certification and comprehensively judged companies' product capabilities, quality control, research and development capabilities, and trade capabilities, which further proved that ZOZEN's comprehensive strength is strong, and all indicators fully meet the boiler export certification standards, 2.8mw solid fuel boiler.

ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler is the horizontal dual cylinder arranged, chain grating,  steam and hot water boiler designed by ZOZEN technical personnel according to advanced technology and experiences from domestic and international boiler market. The technology, performance and environment protective data of this series of products reach the international advanced level , and this product is the mainstay one in boiler industry.

The steam boiler supplies adequate steam support for multiple production processes including drying, profiling and vulcanizing of the rubber industry. Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of tires, it built a new production base in Thailand in January 2019. After various comparisons and investigations, General Science ordered SZL series biomass steam boiler from ZOZEN, which has the advantages of compact structure, safety and efficiency, and sufficient output. 

ZOZEN SZS series boiler body is designed with D-type chamber combustion structure. The furnace is on right side and the convection heating surface is on left side. The membrane type structure is adopted for the circumference of the furnace body, the wall between the furnace and the convection zone, the front and rear walls of boilers body. The furnace pressure is designed to be greater than 6000Pa, 2.8mw solid fuel boiler.

Starting from the steel sheet blanking, every key process of ZOZEN adopts advanced CNC processing technology, which ensures the quality of the boiler and shortens the delivery time. Efficient automated production lines, sufficient raw material stocking, and scientific 6S on-site management ensure that multiple SZS series gas-fired hot water boilers are delivered with high quality within the agreed time.

If you’re looking for more information about industrial boiler maintenance, ZOZEN has put together a checklist for you. Implementing routine boiler maintenance can result in operational efficiency, cost savings and safer work conditions for your company, 2.8mw solid fuel boiler.