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8t agent commercial boiler malaysia, ZOZEN boiler reasonably equips auxiliary equipment for users according to the principle of the boiler system

17 Oct 2020        page view:  1000

8t agent commercial boiler malaysia, With the development of times, the intelligentized transformation of manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend. As a traditional enterprise, ZOZEN has achieved dozens of automatic manufacturing equipment with national patents via independent and joint development, has customized its own digitized and informationalized management system jointly developed with software enterprise and has built the whole-process digitized management system from contract management, raw material purchasing, warehouse keeping, digitized workshop to sales end.

After 30 years of concentrated research and development, the quality-focused ZOZEN BOILER has become a business card, broadcasting overseas. At the beginning of 2018, Australian Discover China inspected more than 20 boiler enterprises in China and finally signed an order contract with ZOZEN. Discover China ordered one set of 20tph gas-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN.

ZOZEN’s YQ(Y)L series oil-fired/gas-fired vertical thermal oil heater adopts three-pass round coil structure whose end adopts conical coil which can effectively protect the furnace wall at the end of boiler. It is equipped with advanced combustion device with good energy saving and environmental protection performance. This kind of boiler has the characteristics of wide fuel adaptability, low pressure and high temperature, safety and efficiency, high thermal efficiency over 95%, and complete automatic control system which can realize unattended operation, 8t agent commercial boiler malaysia.

Nantong Kedi Medical Material Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, development and production of products such as medical non-woven fabrics, dressings, wound care materials, surgical sanitary products, etc. The products are very popular in the market. In July 2019, Kedi Medical Material decided to expand the production project of processing 8,000 tons of medical non-woven fabrics. As an important piece of equipment of the hot-rolled non-woven fabric production line, the performance of energy saving and high efficiency of gas-fired thermal oil heaters will directly affect the product quality and production efficiency of Kedi Medical Material. With advanced production technologies, scientific testing methods and considerate after-sale service, ZOZEN provided Kedi Medical Material with the YQW series horizontal thermal oil heaters.

Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. feels proud of being a leader and innovator of industrial boiler. For over 30 years, ZOZEN has accumulated rich project experience in designing and manufacturing highly-efficient thermal oil heaters by cooperating with customers from various industries. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN’s gas-fired thermal oil heaters can reach above 95% and that of ZOZEN’s coal-fired thermal oil heaters can reach above 85%, which is 5% higher than the average thermal efficiency of normal boiler system in the industry. ZOZEN provides one-stop boiler system purchasing service and customizes the waste heat recovery system for customers to meet the heat source demands of various plants.

This is a membrane wall production line of ZOZEN Boiler. All the membrane walls inside the boiler are produced from here. The steel pipes pass through the polishing equipment and are reduced to the original metal color. Then they will enter the large-scale automatic welding station together with the flat steels that are cut beforehand. This welding station is as high as 4.6 meters with a covering area of 32 square meters. It is equipped with 16 welding guns which can complete the welding of 4 groups of membrane walls at the same time. The welding speed and precision are at the leading level in the industry. Finally, the welded membrane walls are made into various shapes by the pipe arrangement machine.

Based on low-nitrogen and energy-saving technology, ZOZEN is committed to developing widely used and advanced technology, products and services. In this way, ZOZEN provides heat source support for various industries around the world to promote future cutting-edge business and realize the application dreams of users in various fields. The low-nitrogen boilers designed by ZOZEN can control the emission of NOx to lower than 30mg, which are widely used in various industries and are attractive for the national and international market.