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industrial gas boiler dealer nepal, ZOZEN biomass-fired boiler has excellent technology and performance

21 Jan 2021        page view:  1000

For ZOZEN Boiler, the so-called innovation not only refers to the innovation of boiler technology and products. More accurately, innovation is a kind of thinking. The innovation of products, enterprise system and marketing method keeps the sustainable development vitality of ZOZEN Boiler. It is also a destined way for the global industrial boiler industry, industrial gas boiler dealer nepal.

industrial gas boiler dealer nepal, ZOZEN announced the partnership with Libbey Inc., the global glassware industry giant, on the low NOx gas-fired boilers. As an industrial boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years of history, ZOZEN shares the same development concepts with Libby. The two sides became friendly and trustworthy partners to improve the atmospheric environment.

The function of CFB boiler secondary air: Ensuring that the combustibles overflowing from the dense phase zone will be further oxygen-enriched in the lean phase zone (suspension section), so that the fuel is fully burned in the furnace and the temperature difference between the upper and lower furnace reduces.

Due to a good market reputation, ZOZEN Boiler has also become the heat source equipment supplier of Bashi Chuanzhen Agriculture and Development (Yiliang) Co., Ltd. After the completion of the plant, ZOZEN DZL series biomass-fired boiler will provide the steam heat source for the processing of bamboo shoots and Chinese red pepper. In addition to the biomass-fired boiler proper, there are also a series of supporting auxiliary machines such as feeding system, steam distributor, slag discharger, economizer, wet scrubber, etc. to ensure the emission of boiler exhaust gas can meet the environmental protection requirements, so as to help Bashi Chuanzhen Agriculture realize the high-quality development, industrial gas boiler dealer nepal.

The furnace of ZOZEN SZL series coal fired boilers adopts a close-packed a close-packed arrangement of water wall tubes. The application of close-packed water wall in furnace design changes the traditional structural form of the original industrial boiler furnace water-wall, effectively preventing high-temperature flue gas from scouring and radiating the furnace. Furnace radiation area is large, maintenance workload is small, overall weight is light.

The grate bracket of ZOZEN chain grate boilers adopts double-layer bracket. The upper layer uses light rail while the lower layer uses channel steel. The upper layer is heated while the lower layer is stressed. This has changed the traditional grate bracket structure which uses angle steel and friction bars and can avoid deformation. The active grate runs on the light rail. The 72-hour cold test run is carried out on the grate before the grate leaves the factory to ensure the smooth operation of the grate without deviation or jamming, industrial gas boiler dealer nepal.

With the rapid development of the aerated concrete industry, ZOZEN air preheating type gas-fired boiler has also been widely used to provide solid support for the industry development. It has always been the development goal of ZOZEN Boiler to produce boiler products that are highly compatible with various industries. In the future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to move towards this goal and bring users more satisfactory boiler solutions.