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boiler energy saving factory price 8t philippines, ZOZEN industrial environment-friendly boiler becomes the backbone of the new era

21 Jan 2021        page view:  1000

The year 2020 is a significant year for ZOZEN Boiler that we together overcame the difficulties brought by COVID-19, implemented the lean factory project, carried out performance appraisal in the whole company, etc. This year, as ZOZEN Boiler is undergoing a huge change from top to bottom, the performance appraisal and promotion system of front-line staff also has important changes.

ZOZEN Boiler focuses on the Thailand market and has reached a cooperative relationship with Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co., Ltd. by virtue of strong overall corporate strength and rich project experience.

ZOZEN’s YQ(Y)L series oil-fired/gas-fired vertical thermal oil heater adopts three-pass round coil structure whose end adopts conical coil which can effectively protect the furnace wall at the end of boiler. It is equipped with advanced combustion device with good energy saving and environmental protection performance. This kind of boiler has the characteristics of wide fuel adaptability, low pressure and high temperature, safety and efficiency, high thermal efficiency over 95%, and complete automatic control system which can realize unattended operation.

Since its foundation in 1996, Happy Alliance (M) Sdn Bhd has developed into one of the leading Nata De Coco manufacturers in Malaysia. It has established the well-known brand Captain Dolphin. Steam boiler is used to provide heat source for the production processes of cooking, drying, and sterilizing in food industry. In order to save the fuel cost, Happy Alliance (M) SdnBhd decided to use coconut shells as boiler fuel. In this case, ZOZEN’s engineers recommended one set of 4 tph biomass-fired fire tube boiler for the company.

ZOZEN WNS series gas fired boiler not only adopts advanced low NOx burners. And through the flue gas recirculation technology, about 10% -30% of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler is sucked into the air inlet of the burner through the flue gas pipe, mixed with the combustion-supporting air, and then entering the furnace, thereby reducing the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion area, and finally reducing The amount of thermal NOx is generated, and the NOx in the tail gas of the boiler are less than 30mg/Nm3, which meets the requirements of low nitrogen emissions of the enterprise.enterprise, boiler energy saving factory price 8t philippines.

boiler energy saving factory price 8t philippines, The boiler body adopts high-quality aluminum silicate fiber and fire clay to keep the temperature of boiler body below 45℃ and effectively control the heat loss. The overall shot blasting, rust removal and painting can ensure the beautiful appearance and good anti-corrosion performance of boiler.

There is only one earth. An increasing number of enterprises are constantly striving to build a community of shared future for humanity. In the future, ZOZEN will adhere to the original aspiration of sustainable development, design and manufacture more efficient and environmentally-friendly boilers and explore more boiler system solutions to promote the realization of environmental protection goals, boiler energy saving factory price 8t philippines.