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conducting oil boiler coal, ZOZEN effectively controls biomass boiler prices

07 Mar 2021        page view:  1000

ZOZEN continuously upgrades the marketing strategy and accelerates the pace of expanding the overseas sales territory. By virtue of the enterprise strength and advantages, ZOZEN has acquired a lot of international certification such as ASME, CE, DOSH and IBR. Its sales network extends from Asia to Africa, Oceania, eastern Europe and America and all series of boiler products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as Chile, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and so on, which are also favored by users.

On September 30, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "Energy Efficiency Star" Product Catalog (2018) on its official website. "Energy Efficiency Star" products refer to mass-produced products that are more energy-efficient than similar products on the basis of energy-saving products. They aim to promote the promotion and application of energy-efficient products, lead innovation in energy-saving technologies, change consumer orientation, and enhance energy-saving concepts. ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boiler (SZS75-1.6/300-Q) ranked honorably on the list with its excellent energy saving and emission reduction advantages.

ZOZEN SZL series chain grate boilers have high combustion efficiency, strong overload capacity, wide coal type adaptability. The boiler is mainly composed of upper and lower drums, convection tube bundles, water-cooled wall tubes, downcomers and headers. The upper and lower drums are longitudinal arranged. The combustion equipment adopts the chain grate with chain belt and is driven by a stepless speed change device, conducting oil boiler coal.

The gas-fired boiler is the classic energy-saving and eco-friendly work of ZOZEN Boiler. The boiler has excellent manufacturing technology, reasonable structure and stable performance, which has been widely recognized by customers. Besides, it adopts the imported low-NOx burner from German and new combustion technology to stably control the NOx emission below 30mg/Nm3 without FGR. With the intelligent control system, it can adjust the combustion according to changes in working conditions to effectively reduce the energy consumption for users, conducting oil boiler coal.

The modern production base of ZOZEN Boiler is located in the charming Jiangsu with the developed manufacturing industry. Thanks to Jiangsu Province’s policy support for the traditional manufacturing industry and abundant natural resources, the production scale of ZOZEN boilers has been continuously expanded. In the production workshops, many advanced automatic production lines such as the serpentine tube production line, membrane wall production line, CNC coil production line, as well as the informationalized production management system, have formed a large-scale, specialized and intelligent boiler production base, conducting oil boiler coal.

According to the actual production demands of Lenzing (Nanjing) Fiber Co., Ltd., ZOZEN Boiler recommended the SZS series gas-fired superheated steam boilers. This series of steam boiler adopts the large-volume furnace to ensure the sufficient fuel combustion. Combined with an advanced low-NOx burner, it can easily achieve the low emission of NOx, which meets the environmental protection requirements of Lenzing Group. At the same time, in order to improve the boiler thermal efficiency, it not only uses the high-quality aluminum silicate fibers for the furnace body, but also uses high-temperature refractory mud for heat preservation. With the additional energy-saving equipment at the end of the flue gas duct, the boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 98% to save the operating costs.

In recent days, ZOZEN YLW thermal oil heater was successfully shipped. It could be put into operation immediately by simply switching on the power. The easy installation will help Kay & Emms save a lot of installation cost.