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industrial 4t natural gas steam boiler seller bhutan, worldwide after-sale services centers of ZOZEN boiler ensure the service

07 Mar 2021        page view:  1000

With the development of times, the intelligentized transformation of manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend. As a traditional enterprise, ZOZEN has achieved dozens of automatic manufacturing equipment with national patents via independent and joint development, has customized its own digitized and informationalized management system jointly developed with software enterprise and has built the whole-process digitized management system from contract management, raw material purchasing, warehouse keeping, digitized workshop to sales end.

industrial 4t natural gas steam boiler seller bhutan, MCC Ltd has successful become ZOZEN’s distributor in Bangladesh, which further deepens the development of ZOZEN’s global business.

ZOZEN thermal oil heaters have significant advantages in precise temperature control and safety performance. The intelligent control system is designed to adjust the temperature with one button. After the specified temperature is set, the heat medium oil will maintain the state to provide the stable heat source. At the same time, ZOZEN thermal oil heaters are equipped with automatic alarm, automatic locking and other safety and explosion-proof devices, which adds an extra guarantee to the safety of users.

The outer packing of furnace body adopts for the whole frame structure to reduce the junction plates between the frame and the drums, which minimizes heat loss due to heat conduction. Advantages: save energy, reduce consumption and help customers reduce the costs.

industrial 4t natural gas steam boiler seller bhutan, The key processing technologies of the steel plate of ZOZEN gas fired boiler, such as the slanting of the steel plate, the circle, and the drilling of the drum, all adopt advanced CNC processing technology to reduce assembly stress and extend the service life of the boiler. Process to ensure welding quality, all longitudinal and circumferential welds are 100% radiographically inspected.

In September, ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler provided for Inner Mongolia Jinshan Mining had been debugged and put into operation smoothly. The boiler has a higher furnace and reasonable grate rotate speed to ensure the sufficient fuel combustion and improve the thermal efficiency to 88% and above. At the same time, the boiler convention area is also equipped with an ash removal device independently developed by ZOZEN which not only has good tightness, but also greatly reduces the workload of the boiler operation and maintenance personnel, so as to help Jinshan Mining achieve clean production and build a green mine.

In the information era, only two-way communication and an open mind can maintain long-term development. Only by constantly understanding the market, improving the technology, and updating product and service concepts can we maintain the common development and progress with the times. Facing new opportunities in the new era, ZOZEN Boiler firmly believes that products, services and management will accelerate its pace in a more international, professional and humanized direction.