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coal fired boiler energy saving dealer philippines, ZOZEN gas boilers have intelligent control system to realize the unattended operation

13 Apr 2021        page view:  1000

Under the new performance appraisal system, the original assessment criterion should be changed as well. According to the skill level and working competence of every employee, ZOZEN’s leader Mr. Zhang Guoping and department managers divided the front-line staff into five levels: senior technician, technician, senior worker, intermediate worker and primary worker. Different professional titles match different basic salaries to ensure that excellent staff with good skill, diligence and carefulness can get good salaries.

Recently, relying on its solid strength, ZOZEN attracted the international fiber industry giant Lanjing Group to visit and inspect, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the company. Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber Inspection Team stated that the visit was mainly due to the need to build distributed energy sources and plans to introduce multiple gas boilers. After understanding the company's actual needs, ZOZEN recommended SZS series gas-fired boilers for Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber.

ZOZEN’s YLW series solid fuel fired boiler is a kind of square coil horizontal chain grate assembled boiler. The chain grate realizes mechanical coal feeding, forced and induced draft fans provide mechanical ventilation, and slag discharger realizes mechanical slagging. This kind of boiler has the characteristics of wide fuel adaptability, low pressure and high temperature, safety and high efficiency of over 85%, coal fired boiler energy saving dealer philippines.

Increase stoker availability of stoker, guarantee boiler safely running. ZOZEN biomass-fired fuel has another character, which is high volatility and low ash content. After combustion, there is almost no ash left on the stoker, so stoker should adopt proper high temperature resistance material to work under high temperature radiation.

For more than 30 years, ZOZEN Boiler has always put the product quality in the first place. Under the strict quality management system, the relevant personnel of hydrostatic test strictly follows the Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations. The working pressure and test pressure should be carefully implemented according to the drawings to ensure that each boiler hydrostatic test is successfully completed.

ZOZEN 4 tph WNS series oil-fired fire tube boiler for construction industry in South Africa. Pholaco is a construction materials company specializing in light steel frame (LSF) construction, EPS panel construction, and CLC (cellulose lightweight concrete) construction. ZOZEN provided 4 tph WNS series heavy oil fired boilers for the company. This kind of fire tube boilers adopt large corrugated furnace for full fuel combustion. In combination use of the thread smoke tubes, the thermal efficiency is up to over 98%, coal fired boiler energy saving dealer philippines.

ZOZEN Boiler deeply knows that enterprise’s focus is to develop products which are qualified and can meet the demands of customers. It is a mistake to only focus on the product quantity instead of product itself. This kind of enterprises will suffer in the industry changes. In order to keep the core competitiveness, ZOZEN innovates to make its products meet the market demands quickly. Meanwhile, combining with the rich project experience, ZOZEN puts forward EPC turnkey project to help customers improve the project construction efficiency. Under great efforts, ZOZEN has built an outstanding reputation in the overseas market, coal fired boiler energy saving dealer philippines.