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2t natural gas steam boiler best selling cambodia, The welding automation is one of the significant advantages of ZOZEN Boiler

13 May 2021        page view:  1045

2t natural gas steam boiler best selling cambodia, Under the background of economic globalization, more and more foreign exchanges seem to be an inevitable trend in all walks of life. For ZOZEN Boiler, the exchange with outsiders not only promotes the exchange of information, but also accelerates the pace towards internationalization.

In Bangladesh, SZL series coal-fired boiler with excellent operation performance produced by ZOZEN Boiler, a professional boiler manufacturer in China, gained the popularity among local enterprises. Meanwhile, ZOZEN Boiler reached a mutual trust cooperation with Machine Communication Co., Ltd as ZOZEN's Bangladeshi distributor to introduce high-quality industrial boilers into more Bangladeshi enterprises.

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired (oil-fired) boilers are wetback fire-tube boilers with a two-pass or three-pass design. It uses threaded smoke tube for heat transfer and manages to achieve a thermal efficiency up to 98%. The economizer is installed at the tail of boiler, giving the boiler a compact size. Meanwhile, sound automatic control system enables unattended operation, 2t natural gas steam boiler best selling cambodia.

Safety Accessories: The boilers are equipped with the explosion door, observation hole, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge and safety interlocking. Advantages: allow for fully automatic operation with safety.

ZOZEN has set up a total of seven process stopping points throughout the production process, which are strictly controlled by different engineers, independent of each other and supervised each other, so that problems can be found and solved in time. If any workpiece is unqualified, it cannot enter the next process, which is the quality control of the entire production process of ZOZEN.

According to the actual production demands of Lenzing (Nanjing) Fiber Co., Ltd., ZOZEN Boiler recommended the SZS series gas-fired superheated steam boilers. This series of steam boiler adopts the large-volume furnace to ensure the sufficient fuel combustion. Combined with an advanced low-NOx burner, it can easily achieve the low emission of NOx, which meets the environmental protection requirements of Lenzing Group. At the same time, in order to improve the boiler thermal efficiency, it not only uses the high-quality aluminum silicate fibers for the furnace body, but also uses high-temperature refractory mud for heat preservation. With the additional energy-saving equipment at the end of the flue gas duct, the boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 98% to save the operating costs.

2t natural gas steam boiler best selling cambodia, As an important member of boiler manufacturers, ZOZEN Boiler will always comply with standards and specifications, adhere to the original intention, insist on innovation, improve the product quality and enhance the product performance to provide more and better boilers for customers and make contributions to the boiler industry.