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ZOZEN Biomass Boiler Helps Clean Energy Popularization

14 Sep 2021        page view:  1733

It has some difficulties to promote clean energy on a large scale due to the influence of local economic development and other conditions. Some places have appeared the signs of reusing the coal as the fuel. ZOZEN biomass boiler takes the biomass energy as the fuel, which meets the requirements of economy and environmental protection.


ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler

ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler


The biomass clean energy is economical and applicable

Biomass energy is an internationally recognized "carbon-free" energy source, and it can meet the environmental protection standards easily. Developing biomass energy is conducive to the effective utilization of agricultural waste, and to some extent, it can alleviate the shortage of natural gas fuel supply in some areas.


The utilization rate of biomass clean energy in heating is particularly prominent, the operation cost is far lower than that of electric heating and natural gas heating.


In addition to using the right clean energy fuel, the supporting boiler is also one of the key equipment. Based on advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, ZOZEN SZL and DZL series biomass-fired boilers are designed with excellent product quality and technical performance, which lead to a wide application in various industries.


ZOZEN SZL biomass-fired steam boiler operating at customer plant

ZOZEN SZL biomass-fired steam boiler operating at customer plant


ZOZEN Boiler actively promotes the wide application of biomass boiler

One of our customers in Hebei province is a chemical manufacturing enterprise focusing on the utilization and treatment of agricultural waste and R&D on the biomass energy. In its demonstration project, ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler was selected to be used.


According to different capacity, different numbers of independent wind bins are arranged in front of and behind the grate. Users can distribute air reasonably according to different combustion conditions, aiming to make sure the sufficient combustion of the fuel. In addition, ZOZEN Boiler also analyzes the characteristics of different biomass fuels, and optimizes the furnace arch, grate and hopper to further ensure the stable and efficient heating of the boiler.


This customized design makes the thermal efficiency of the boiler system about 5% higher than that of the traditional system. Taking a set of 10 tph steam boiler as an example, the fuel cost can be saved about 80 thousand dollars a year.