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characteristics of vertical boiler

characteristics of vertical boiler

Introduction: ZOZEB Boiler is a well-known brand in China and a famous brand product in Jiangsu Province. Adopt new combustion, energy saving and environmental protection technologies, characteristics of vertical boiler. Products are divided into several kinds of boilers, which includes the characteristics of vertical boiler. Products are suitable for natural gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, liquefied gas, city gas, coke oven gas and other fuels, characteristics of vertical boiler, and can also be designed separately according to the requirements of fuel, characteristics of vertical boiler. Please get more information on characteristics of vertical boiler via the website.

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The main production units of refineries usually include: crude oil distillation (normal, vacuum distillation), thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, catalytic reforming, refinery gas processing, petroleum product refining, etc. Steam boilers and heat transfer oil boilers are important equipment often used in the production of light oil refining industry. They are an indispensable source of heat and power in the production process of refineries. They are not only used in petrochemical production processes, but also in heating oil and increasing fluidity. Generally, heat is supplied in the steps of vacuum distillation, vacuum distillation, and coking deep processing of crude oil in refined oil refining. ZOZEN boiler serves many refineries around the world and has many years of experience in the industry. Due to the special characters of the boilers used by chemical companies, the technicians of ZOZEN will customize the technical solutions to meet the pro
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