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10-Ton Gas-Fired Steam Boilers in Wine Plant

Gas-fired boilers cases
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    10 tph

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    Guizhou, China

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10-Ton Gas-Fired Steam Boilers in Wine Plant
Case introduction

I. Project Background:

The client invested in a new construction project of Jiang-flavour liquor production base, which will produce 5,000 tons of Jiang-flavour liquor annually after the completion of the project plan.


In the brewing process, fermentation and distillation need steam, the temperature and purity of different types of steam also affect the quality of wine. This time, ZOZEN Boiler provided two sets of gas steam boilers to the production base for the production and daily heat use.


II. Solutions:

ZOZEN WNS series gas steam boiler adopts dual-fuel system, which can be used for both oil and gas, and can also be mixed with oil and gas to meet various needs of customers. When designing the boiler system, the appropriate burner will be selected according to the actual fuel demand.


The large furnace ensures sufficient steam storage with low water content, the high quality steam can meet the high requirements of the industry.

Customer feedback—— Bainian Chihua Liquor Co., Ltd.

ZOZEN steam boilers had small floor space and compact structure. The packaged delivery method was easy for us to install the boilers. We appreciated the products and services of ZOZEN Boiler.

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