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outdoor gas boiler hot water boiler for sale, ZOZEN WNS series oil-fired steam boiler was successfully delivered to Venezuela

08 Apr 2021        page view:  1000

ZOZEN Boiler Lean Factory Standardization Project officially started orderly. To carry out the standardization work, ZOZEN Boiler with experts from the consulting project team organized a series of internal training courses for the administrative staff and relevant personnel to learn theoretical knowledge, deepen their concepts and master the methods about procedure and specification.

outdoor gas boiler hot water boiler for sale, Passing the certificate renewal examination of Special Equipment Production Licence of the People’s Republic of China provides the qualification guarantee for ZOZEN’s participation in the whole product life circle of industrial boiler’s installation, maintenance and construction.

The base of ZOZEN DZL series coal-fired steam boiler adopts separate air chambers to keep the fuel on the grate in a good combustion state. The air dampers further ensure the sufficient combustion of the fuel and improve the fuel utilization. In addition, through advanced electrical control, it can realize the stepless speed regulation of the grate, as well as limit parameters alarm and interlock protection function to ensure the safe operation of the entire boiler system.

The grate bracket adopts double brackets, the lower channel steel, the upper light rail, the upper heat, the lower force, which has changed the structure of the traditional grate bracket angle steel plus friction bar, the grate bracket is not deformed. The active stoker is operated on the light rail and it is tested in the cold state for 48 hours before leaving the factory. Never run sideways, stuck, which ensure the smooth operation of the stoker.

outdoor gas boiler hot water boiler for sale, In terms of boiler manufacturing process, ZOZEN Boiler adheres to the attitude of excellence and strives to do a better job. ZOZEN Boiler introduces the intersecting line CNC machine tools to ensure the higher processing accuracy of intersecting lines and welding grooves and tighter boiler assembly.

In the field of industrial boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN natural gas fired boiler, with years of technological accumulation, advanced manufacturing technology and outstanding performance advantages, is outstanding among similar products and has become the common choice of all walks of life. This time, ZOZEN Boiler and Dalishen Technology Group reached the cooperation to seek the common development.

This quality mobilization meeting marked the start of ZOZEN’s quality improvement work. Quality is the life of an enterprise. For survival and development, every enterprise has to improve the product quality and keep innovation for higher goals. Next, ZOZEN Boiler will unremittingly pursue high quality for perfection with practical actions, so as to rank the top in the industrial boiler industry and write a new chapter for the quality of ZOZEN Boiler.