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20t gas steam boiler agent energy saving nepal, ZOZEN gas boilers are applied in various industries and have the good market reputation

08 Apr 2021        page view:  1000

As we all know, quality is the foundation of enterprise development and the key to establishing a brand image. Since the establishment of ZOZEN Boiler in 1988, high product quality has become the fundamental guarantee for ZOZEN’s continuous development in the fierce market competition.

20t gas steam boiler agent energy saving nepal, The after-sales service of boilers is the issues that users are very concerned about. ZOZEN is fully aware that in the current time when the homogenization of boiler products is serious, after-sales service is the core competitiveness to effectively open the gap between various boiler manufacturers. In the face of every problem encountered in the use of users' boilers,ZOZEN will regard it as their own responsibility, establish a comprehensive after-sales mechanism, responds quickly, and effectively solve problems for users.

ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boiler is the horizontal dual cylinder arranged, chain grating,  steam and hot water boiler designed by ZOZEN technical personnel according to advanced technology and experiences from domestic and international boiler market. The technology, performance and environment protective data of this series of products reach the international advanced level , and this product is the mainstay one in boiler industry.

Safety Accessories: The boilers are equipped with the explosion door, observation hole, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge and safety interlocking. Advantages: allow for fully automatic operation with safety.

Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. takes the lead in integrating the programmable controller and touch screen in piping, electrical installation and electrical control, and applies them to the operation control of the boiler. It can realize various modern control functions such as automatic boiler control, networked device control, computer group control and remote control. The first-class hardware, practical and safe software technology ensure the fully automatic production and high-quality operation.

20t gas steam boiler agent energy saving nepal, PT.Mikie Oleo Nabati is an palm oil company in Indonesia. Steam boilers are used for refining, bleaching, deacidification, deodorization, fractionation and other processes in the palm oil production. The biomass-fired boilers the company ordered from ZOZEN can perfectly resolve the problems of scaling, abrasion, burning front arch and feeding hopper. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN’s biomass-fired boilers can reach above 88%.

20t gas steam boiler agent energy saving nepal, One applies his knowledge to practice and his knowledge advances together with practice. Through the internal training, ZOZEN’s leaders should grasp the opportunity to change their minds, understand the essence of training and apply what they learned to practice in order to better promote the process of ZOZEN Boiler Lean Factory Standardization Project, enhance ZOZEN’s core competitiveness and help ZOZEN Boiler go further and more steadily in the fierce market competition.