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horizontal oil and gas boiler for hospital, ZOZEN Boiler attaches great importance to boiler product quality and services

08 Apr 2021        page view:  1000

horizontal oil and gas boiler for hospital, On August 25 of 2020, Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. officially held the quality management mobilization meeting. The basic design department, research and development department, process improvement department, equipment department, production department, quality assurance department, purchasing department, material planning department, all workers at the production lines and related leadership attended the meeting.

In the process of smelting molten steel, pouring steel ingots, and producing finished castings, a large amount of steam is consumed. The superheated steam generated by the boiler provides the required thermal energy for its process. Through open bidding, ZOZEN stood out among many boiler manufacturing enterprises with its own technical advantages and quality assurance, and provided China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation with a large superheated steam boiler, horizontal oil and gas boiler for hospital.

The SZS series gas-fired steam boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler adopts the D-type and full membrane wall structure. The large furnace space ensures the sufficient combustion of the fuel and has good gas tightness. Meanwhile, the furnace body is made of high-quality aluminum silicate fiber and refractory mud for insulation to control the furnace body temperature below 45℃ and control the heat loss; with the additional energy-saving device at the end of the flue gas duct, the boiler thermal efficiency can be improved to more than 98%.

Increase stoker availability of stoker, guarantee boiler safely running. ZOZEN biomass-fired fuel has another character, which is high volatility and low ash content. After combustion, there is almost no ash left on the stoker, so stoker should adopt proper high temperature resistance material to work under high temperature radiation.

horizontal oil and gas boiler for hospital, ZOZEN Boiler has provided high-quality boiler services for customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has established service centers in Germany, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and other places to provide customers with high-quality services such as project technical consultation, solution design, installation guidance and so on. It has gained honors including AAA-level credit rating enterprise, enterprise with an annual sales volume of over 100 million yuan, high-tech enterprise, etc.

horizontal oil and gas boiler for hospital, During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, China’s oil refining industry will focus on transformation and upgrading by vigorously eliminating the outdated production capacity to improve the equipment scale and technology level. The boiler, as an important energy equipment, is essential in the petroleum refining process. Relying on technical advantages and rich project experience, ZOZEN Boiler has reached the friendly cooperation with enterprises such as PetroChina Jinxi Petrochemical Bihai Company, Sinopec Hubei Petroleum Branch, Dongfang Hualong, Rizhao Binhai Petrochemical, Honghai Chemical and so on.

After the golden period of rapid development, China’s equipment manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation and upgrading. ZOZEN also conforms to the trend of the times and welcomes the reform. ZOZEN thinks that innovation may not mean the new products, but more accurately a concept. The innovation of product, management and system is to keep the development vitality of enterprise and provide higher quality and standards for the industrial boiler industry.