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ZOZEN Dual-Fuel Boiler Provides Energy for Enterprises

08 Feb 2022

Industrial boiler is the important auxiliary equipment in the production line. Once accidents happen, the production will stop. The emergence of dual-fuel boiler completely solves the problems of production risk and cost instability caused by single fuel.


ZOZEN gas-fired and oil-fired boilers

ZOZEN gas-fired and oil-fired boilers


The stability of ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler performs well

Dual-fuel boiler is a kind of boiler that can burn a certain kind of fuel alone, or can choose to burn with dual fuels. Compared with common boiler, dual-fuel boiler can choose a more cost-effective operation scheme according to the current fuel unit price. ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler accommodates to natural gas, biogas, diesel oil, biomass diesel oil, heavy oil and other fuels, providing users with various choices.


The dual-fuel combustion mode has higher technical requirements for the burner. The burner selected by ZOZEN Boiler achieves the effect of burning fuel in any proportion, and the air conditioner, the flame stabilizer, the ignition device and the flame monitoring device in the control part simultaneously meet the requirements of multi-fuel, and the combustion is stable and sufficient.


In addition, the boiler body of ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler adopts large furnace design, which provides sufficient space for full combustion of different fuels. According to the fuel composition and actual working conditions, ZOZEN Boiler will also design a set of boiler and system solution that is highly matched with users, and provide technical training.


ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler realizes a new mode of economical heating

ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler realizes a new mode of economical heating


Previously, ZOZEN Boiler designed a solution of SZS dual-fuel boiler burning biogas and natural gas for the user. As a kind of boiler fuel, biogas can greatly reduce the operating cost, but the unstable supply of biogas easily affects the continuity of production lines. The supplemental combustion of natural gas ensures the long-term stable operation.


ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler operated in user's plant

ZOZEN dual-fuel boiler operated in user's plant


Considering that biogas combustion is easy to form acidic substances, which will cause corrosion to the boiler and affect its service life, ZOZEN Boiler scientifically adjusts the system, and reduces the formation of acidic substances by controlling the exhaust temperature and other measures. At the same time, the boiler energy-saving equipment requires higher material selection and strong anti-corrosion performance, which not only ensures the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also prolongs the service life of the boiler.


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