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ZOZEN thermal oil heater made a big hit in Mauritius

12 Mar 2019        page view:  1032

Mauritius is a world famous tourist resort. Although Mauritius has a well-developed tourist industry, but it is lack of mineral resources; oil, natural gas and other energy have to depend on imports totally. Based on a long-term energy strategy, the government of Mauritius encourages energy innovation, Sotratech limitee came into being to in response to the call. As an energy company, Sotratech limitee's customers spread around Mauritius, the Indian Oceana, Africa and many other regions.
As the heart device of the energy engineering, Sotratech limitee attached much attention on the selection of boilers. The boilers in domestic market in Mauritius couldn't meet the demands of the company, so the company decided to look for partners in China.
The bidding document attracted a large number of well-known enterprises for bidding. How did ZOZEN stand out from the fierce competition? ZOZEN recommended YQW series thermal oil heater on the basis of the project requirements of Sotratech limitee. This kind of thermal oil heater could be equipped with different waste heat recovery devices to meet the needs of different users. In addition, the thermal oil heater is highly appreciated by customers with its packaged structure and easy installation. Not surprisingly, Sotratech limitee was also deeply impressed by this series of thermal oil heater.
Sotratech limitee conducted a field investigation on ZOZEN factory soon afterwards. The independent R&D capability, the international advanced workshop equipments and the large-scale production of ZOZEN were unanimously recognized by the company delegation; a friendly agreement was reached between Sotratech limitee and ZOZEN.
The thermal oil heater has been running stably for a period of time with high efficiency, which has saved a lot of operating costs. The director of Sotratech limitee expressed that they were very willing to recommend ZOZEN boilers to their cooperative partners.


Mauritius is the 10th country on ZOZEN Silk Road, which marks that ZOZEN has stepped into a new stage in the progress of the Belt and Road.
With the instant development of ZOZEN global strategy, ZOZEN's footprint has been all over the countries of the Belt and Road, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.