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  • 25-Ton Condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project For Heating Industry 2021-10-13
    The client company mainly provides steam central heating for several enterprises in the industrial park. With the continuous construction of the industrial park, enterprises have a huge demand for heat. The customer company ordered a set of SZS series gas-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler to meet the heating demand in the park.
  • Building Material Industry 8-Ton Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project 2021-09-27
    The production, drying and curing of concrete need steam. According to the production technology of the customer, ZOZEN Boiler provided the WNS series gas-fired steam boiler.
  • 6tph SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler project for the chemical industry 2020-09-07
    Anda Beituo New Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a professional environmental protection engineering enterprise specialized in the development, design, production, sales and services of environment-friendly products. As is known to all, industrial boiler has always been the essential heat source equipment in the production line of chemical products. After a period of investigation, Anda Beituo New Materials Co., Ltd. believed that the thermal efficiency of biomass-fired steam boiler produced by ZOZEN is superior to that of similar products. At the same time, considering the enterprise strength of ZOZEN with high-quality and sufficient-output boiler products, Anda Beituo New Materials Co., Ltd. decided to purchase ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler as the heat source support for its production line.
  • 8tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry 2020-07-15
    Considering the expansion of company business and actual demands of production line, Zhengzhou Yisheng decided to introduce the highly-efficient and eco-friendly WNS series gas-fired steam boiler produced by ZOZEN to both improve product quality and cut production cost. Starting from the source of production line, the company intended to get higher economic benefits and achieve the goal of environmental protection.
  • 15tph SZS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry 2020-05-20
    In order to meet the requirement of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, Xinke Aode Technology decided to replace the existing coal-fired boiler with the environment-friendly gas-fired boiler. After learning about the outstanding comprehensive performance and good market reputation of ZOZEN boilers, Xinke Aode Technology reached cooperation with ZOZEN. ZOZEN recommended the SZS series condensing gas boiler for Xinke Aode Technology according to its actual requirements. This series of steam boiler adopts a large furnace and an advanced burner to ensure the complete combustion of the fuel and improve the fuel utilization. Besides, energy-saving devices are equipped at the end of the flue, which improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler to more than 98%. In addition, with an intelligent control system, the boiler can realize automatic operation and realize automatic adjustment of steam temperature and pressure, which achieves energy saving and consumpti
  • 5tph WNS series three pass gas-fired steam boiler project for biodiesel industry 2020-05-18
    We conducted a rigorous market research on the industrial boiler market before purchasing the boiler. Finally, we selected ZOZEN which had good boiler quality and professional services. At present, ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler had become an important part of our production line. The feature of automatic operation greatly saved labor costs for our company.
  • 2 million kcal YQW series gas-fired thermal oil heater project for chemical industry 2020-04-15
    A safe and high-efficient thermal oil heater is very important to an enterprise, which directly affects the product quality and the economic benefits. In November 2017, the burst of the pipeline of the existing thermal oil heater triggered a fire at Jiangxi Huachen Spice Chemical Co., Ltd. The fire caused considerable losses to the enterprise. Immediately, the leadership of the enterprise decided to repurchase a set of high-quality thermal oil boiler. With good market reputation and strong company strength, ZOZEN got the trust of Huachen Spice. ZOZEN YQW series gas-fired thermal-oil heater has excellent safety performance. The functions of over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm can ensure the stable operation of the heater. In addition, because the inner coil of the radiant section of the heater absorbs much more heat than the middle and outer rings, ZOZEN designed a large flow rate inner coil to ensure the safe and reliable operation at high temperature.
  • 10tph WNS series energy-saving gas-fired steam boiler for the textile industry 2020-03-09
    As a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN focuses on the research and development of energy-saving technology. In order to help Hongda Textile to reduce energy consumption, ZOZEN customized the WNS series gas-fired boiler system according to the actual requirements of its production lines. Through the application of several patent technologies, this series of boiler has truly realized energy saving and high efficiency in terms of combustion efficiency, exhaust gas temperature, etc. Equipped with an advanced burner, the WNS series boiler realizes reasonable air distribution. Meanwhile, the large-diameter corrugated furnace of ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler not only increases the heating-transfer surface but also ensures the full combustion of fuel, which increases the efficiency and reduces the consumption of fuel. In addition, ZOZEN adopts the patented condensing technology, which can fully absorb the waste heat of the exhaust gas, improve the water inlet temperatu
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