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  • How many tons are the rated thermal power of 42 MW of industrial boiler? 2021-08-13
    As an important heat energy supply equipment, industrial boiler is widely used in food, electronics, paper making, building materials, textiles and chemical industries. According to the medium, industrial boilers can be divided into steam boilers, hot water boilers and thermal oil heaters. In order to solve the problem "How many tons are the rated thermal power of 42 MW of industrial boiler?" First of all, we need to know the basic knowledge of rated thermal power and unit ton.
  • When is the time for an industrial boiler replacement? 2021-03-19
    Although most people know their boiler will not last forever, many people treat it as it should. On average, your industrial boiler should last you anywhere from 20 to 25 years without any trouble. If you’re around year 15, you may be able to retrofit your boiler to update it with newer technology.
  • How can gas-fired industrial boilers achieve low-NOx emission? 2020-12-11
    Gas-fired industrial boilers are high-efficiency, eco-friendly and energy-saving, and they play an important role in the production-oriented enterprises. Due to strict requirements for pollutant emissions, enterprises often attach great importance to the emission performance of boilers.
  • Why the fuel of the coal-fired boiler needs to add water before entering the furnace? 2020-10-16
    The coal-fired boiler has always been one of the important boiler types in the industrial production and its operating costs and capacity play an important role in the enterprise operation.
  • What are the precautions for normal use of gas-fired boilers? 2020-10-02
    When using the industrial gas-fired boilers, daily boiler operation and management should be paid attention to ensure the safe and stable boiler operation, so as to guarantee the daily production of workshop.
  • What is the system load of an industrial boiler? 2020-01-10
    System load is measured in either BTUs or tons of steam (at a specific pressure and temperature). It would be nearly impossible to size and select a boiler(s) without knowing the system load requirements. Knowing the requirements leads to the following information: The boiler(s) capacity, taken from the maximum system load requirement. The boiler(s) turndown, taken from the minimum system load requirement. Conditions for maximum efficiency, taken from the average system load requirement. Determining the total system load requires an understanding of the type(s) of load in the system. There are three types of loads: heating, process, and combination.
  • How to prevent your boiler from freezing up? 2019-10-12
    If your boiler equipment freezes, you can expect a shutdown and significant loss of productivity. Winter can be tough on your boiler system. The experts at ZOZEN Boiler weigh in on what you can do to prevent your industrial boiler from freezing up.
  • 5 Ways to increase the efficiency of your industrial boiler 2019-10-04
    Here are our five suggestions for maximizing your boiler's performance. 1. Replace your industrial boiler burner A boiler's burner is crucial to optimal performance and, like most items, they tend to deteriorate with use and time. Upgrading old burner will increase output and extend the life of your industrial burner. 2. Make sure your boiler is insulated properly Insulation is incredibly important to the function and efficiency of your industrial boiler. If you feel that your boiler has not been operating as efficiently as it once was, you may want to look into replacing the refractory materials that line it. 3. Consider a blowdown heat exchanger Blowdown is unavoidable, but you can harness some of that escaped hot water with a blowdown heat exchanger for your industrial boiler. Ask your boiler professional whether a blowdown heat exchanger, a flash tank, or some combination of the two might be a good choice for you.