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  • 30-Ton Steam Boiler with Dual Fuels of Biogas and Natural Gas Project 2022-01-26
    According to the customer's requirement, the boiler adopts the combination combustion of biogas and natural gas. ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boiler is suitable for various kinds of fuels, which includes the natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil, etc.
  • Starch Plant 20-ton Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project 2021-09-15
    Corn starch processing, such as corn feeding, impregnation liquid circulation, concentration and drying, requires steam as a heat source. ZOZEN Boiler provides a set of SZS series of condensing gas-fired steam boiler for the customer starch plant.
  • 6-Ton Condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project For Cable Industry 2021-09-06
    It is necessary to steam curing the cable during the production process, in order to make the cable have good electrification and insulation effect. Therefore, a set of steam boiler with good performance has a direct impact on the steam curing effect.
  • 10 Tons Two-pass Gas-fired Steam Boiler for Building Material Project 2021-08-25
    Xinchuang Concrete Products Co., Ltd. established in 2003, is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the production and sale of concrete products. Concrete is an important building material. In order to improve the performance and quality of concrete products, steam curing concrete is often used. Xinchuang company ordered a set of 10-ton three-pass WNS series gas-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler.
  • 10 tph energy-efficient WNS series gas-fired superheated steam boiler project for the chemical industry 2021-03-08
    For a long time, steam boilers are widely used in the daily production of chemical enterprises to provide sufficient and stable heat source support for the production of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and food additives. This time, by virtue of energy-efficient WNS series gas-fired superheated steam boiler, ZOZEN Boiler successfully reached the cooperation with Inner Mongolia Xinwei Chemicals Co., Ltd. to provide the necessary high-temperature steam for the company's new project with an annual output of 9,000 tons of cyclohexylamine, 6,000 tons of sodium cyclamate, 4,000 tons of pesticide intermediate methyl 2-benzoate and 1,200 tons of pesticide OZB.
  • 2 tph high-efficiency and stable WNS series two-pass gas-fired steam boiler project for the packaging industry 2021-02-22
    Jiangsu Dongfang Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 1978, is an enterprise specializing in the color paper product packaging. The company is competitive in technology and has many sets of advanced equipment including the imported offset printing machine, B, E single-tile and three-layer high-speed corrugating lines. Its post-pressing processes also completely realize the automation. The corrugated paper production line is the key production equipment of Dongfang Printing and the forming of the corrugated paper requires sufficient and stable steam supply. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the carton packaging and printing industry, Dongfang Printing decided to order a set of efficient and stable WNS series gas-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler to improve the production quality and automation of the corrugated paper production line, so as to enhance the efficiency and save the costs.
  • 15 tph SZL series coal-fired chain grate steam boiler project for the paper industry in Afghanistan 2021-01-25
    Established in 1997, Baheer Group is a large-scale enterprise specialized in the production, packaging and printing of corrugated paper. With the increasingly larger production scale, the company's original heating equipment could not meet the steam demands of corrugated paper production and printing lines. In order to ensure the product quality and further improve the production efficiency, Baheer Group decided to introduce a set of high-efficiency and eco-friendly coal-fired steam boiler. After investigating and comparing the qualifications of many industrial boiler manufacturers in the world, Baheer Group finally purchased a set of SZL series coal-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler and set high requirements for the boiler's environmental protection performance.
  • 6tph WNS series low-nitrogen and eco-friendly gas-fired steam boiler for the building materials industry 2020-10-05
    With the continuous development of the building materials industry and the increasing environmental awareness of the whole society, many brick factories in China have conducted the production transition. Ledong Changsheng Standard Eco-friendly Brick Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, has grasped the opportunity to engage in the production and sales of new wall materials, eco-friendly bricks, which earns considerable profits for the company. However, the stable operation of the eco-friendly brick production line depends on the steam supply provided by the industrial boiler, and a set of energy-saving and high-efficiency steam boiler can directly affect the quality of eco-friendly bricks and the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, after a specific investigation on the domestic industrial boiler market, Ledong Changsheng Standard Eco-friendly Brick finally chose ZOZEN Boiler as the boiler equipment supplier.
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