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6-Ton Condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project For Cable Industry

Gas-fired boilers cases
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    6 tph

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    Hebei Province, China

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6-Ton Condensing Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project For Cable Industry
Case introduction

I. Project Background:

It is necessary to steam curing the cable during the production process, in order to make the cable have good electrification and insulation effect. Therefore, a set of steam boiler with good performance has a direct impact on the steam curing effect.


II. Solutions:

This time, ZOZEN Boiler provides the customer with a set of 6-ton SZS series steam boiler fueled by gas. The furnace of this series of boiler is surrounded by water-cooled membrane wall, which ensures that the good tightness, to reduce the heat loss of flue gas and improves the combustion condition in the furnace.


Furthermore, the advanced condensation technology is adopted to increase the effective heating area and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. After testing, the actual thermal efficiency of ZOZEN SZS series boiler can reach over 98%, which is higher than the average level of the industry. The efficient operation of the boiler ensures the orderly production of the customer plant and reduces the operation cost for the enterprise.

Customer feedback—— Huaqi Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

The full-automatic control system of the boiler was intelligent, it accurately controlled and adjusted the temperature and pressure required by steam curing, which provided convenience for our operators and reduced the risk of manual operation error.

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