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Paper Industry 4-Ton Biogas Steam Boiler Project

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  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:4 tph
  • Location:Hebei Province, China
  • Equipment:SZS4-1.6-Q
Customer feedback

ZOZEN's biogas boiler made full use of the biogas produced in our production process, to release clean steam, providing heat for the production process, reducing our operating cost, and meeting our demand for resource reuse.

Jinchang Paper Industry Co., Ltd.

Case introduction

The project produces a large amount of biogas, which is clean energy and has a large amount of calorific value. It can be used as the boiler fuel.


Because the central heating in the industrial park where the user is located is unstable, the project uses the existing workshop in the factory area to expand a 4t/h gas-fired biogas steam boiler to supply heat for the existing engineering production process.


The user chose a set of 4 ton/hr biogas steam boiler for the project. The biogas boiler adopts advanced low-NOx burner, ensuring the sufficient combustion of the fuel. The boiler system realizes the energy conservation and low emission by strengthing the energy-saving management and using economizers to reduce the cost of resource and energy.