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ZOZEN 2022 Quality Long March

22 Sep 2022        page view:  1002

ZOZEN 2022 Quality Long March has finally started again! Quality Long March is one of the special services of ZOZEN Boiler. The professional technical team goes deep into each boiler room to understand the operation of the equipment and inspect the equipment; and strengthen the training of users on the use and maintenance of boilers; providing free training and key solutions.


The first destination of quality long march --- Chuzhou, Anhui Province

The first destination of the ZOZEN Boiler Quality Long March is Anhui PMPCC, located in Chuzhou. Anhui PMPCC is a newly constructed production base of Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation, which was completed and put into operation this year.


The Quality Long March of Anhui PMPCC

The Quality Long March of Anhui PMPCC


After the after-sales personnel arrived at the project site, they first inquired about the operation of the boiler after it was put into operation. The person in charge of the site reported that the boiler was running smoothly and everything was normal. Afterwards, ZOZEN service personnel conducted a detailed inspection of the entire system, and also checked the operation records of the control system and the boiler operation log. Finally, the service staff advised the user to operate correctly according to the user manual, emphasizing the importance of daily inspection work.


In the more than ten years of cooperation between the two parties, this gas-fired steam boiler is already the eleventh boiler provided by ZOZEN Boiler.



ZOZEN service personnel checks the debugging situation


The second destination --- Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

The second destination is Yihui Huanbao Company, the team departed on August 25. Yihui Huanbao Company advocates low-carbon emissions, and purchases a set of ZOZEN biomass boiler heating system. During the visit, the team checked the installation quality so that it could be put into operation as soon as possible and provide high-efficiency heat energy for the production of aerated bricks.


ZOZEN quality long march team

ZOZEN quality long march team


The biomass boiler was successfully debugged under the accompaniment of ZOZEN service personnel throughout the operation. From preliminary design to installation and commissioning, the user was very satisfied with the service of ZOZEN Boiler: "ZOZEN Boiler has a good reputation with high quality. Through this cooperation, we also saw the professional service of ZOZEN.”


The Quality Long March in 2022 was successfully concluded.