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ZOZEN Boiler Takes Measures to Control Boiler Quality

11 Nov 2021        page view:  1014

With the continuous development of global economy, there's a growing demand on the boiler in each industry. In order to ensure the boiler quality and its safe and efficient operation in production activities, ZOZEN Boiler always pays attention to the production quality during the manufacturing.


ZOZEN Boiler carries out comprehensive process inspection system in the production base

Every Wednesday morning, ZOZEN Boiler will conduct process inspection, which is the standard line to check whether the boiler process flow operates and produces according to regulations. ZOZEN Boiler requires the inspection covering the whole plant, correcting the problems accurately in time, improving the quality awareness of workers, and examining the inspectors to improve the quality inspection professionalism, then improving the quality of boiler products.


The process inspection of ZOZEN Boiler includes seven aspects, specifically involving product drawings, technical standards, process documents, etc., implementation and control of key quality characteristics of products, the technical status of equipment and tooling, check of the correctness, timeliness and other aspects.


Full-coverage process inspection of ZOZEN Boiler

Full-coverage process inspection of ZOZEN Boiler


The inspection system comprehensively improves the quality awareness of workers

At the same time, ZOZEN Boiler established the QIT (Quality Improvement Team), the team takes the first pass rate of the economizer, condenser and hydro-test of the boiler and the failure ratio of the automatic welding as the project. The team strictly control each link to improve the manufacturing technology. ZOZEN Boiler completes the inspection system under the standard quality control system, which is self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.


Production workshop under standardized quality inspection mechanism of ZOZEN Boiler

Production workshop under standardized quality inspection mechanism of ZOZEN Boiler


Self-inspection workers are required to perform self-inspection on their own products, and only those products that are qualified after inspection can enter the next process. Mutual inspection requires that the products of the previous process must be re-inspected by the workers of the next process, and can only be produced after being confirmed as qualified products by mutual inspection. Finally, specialized inspectors controls the whole production process.


The system of combining special inspection with self-inspection and mutual inspection is an effective form for workers to participate in quality management. At the same time, the layer-by-layer check effectively improves the product quality and ensures the high quality of ZOZEN Boiler.