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ZOZEN service engineers ensure the boiler NOx emission of the beverage company is below 30mg/Nm3

28 Nov 2019        page view:  1016

ZOZEN always adheres to the service-oriented concept of "customer comes first", and has provided professional services to solve problems for customers in an all-round way and won praise from many customers.

In mid-October, the Service Center of ZOZEN received a call from the customer and reported that the NOx emission from the gas-fired boiler exceeded the standard. This customer is a renowned enterprise in the beverage industry. Its subsidiaries all introduced ZOZEN low NOx steam boilers. The burner of ZOZEN low NOx boiler adopts air partition, fuel partition and flue gas recirculation technologies to achieve low NOx combustion, reduce the combustion temperature in the central flame area while achieving the requirement of NOx emission below 30mg/m3. This should not happen in theory. In this regard, ZOZEN immediately sent professional technicians to the boiler room to check.

ZOZEN boiler room for the beverage company

ZOZEN boiler room for the beverage company

After testing by a third-party testing company, the customer's boiler NOx emission was33.8mg/Nm3, which did not meet the environmental protection requirements of less than 30mg/Nm3. However, the real-time monitoring detector of pollution emissions in the customer's boiler room showed that NOx emission was in the range of 22-23mg/Nm3.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, ZOZEN technicians tested the NOx emission of the boiler again under the witness of the third-party company. When the boiler operating load were 50%, 75% and full load, the data measured by the technicians at the tail chimney of the boiler were 13.7ppm, 12.4ppm, 12.1ppm, converting into standard units of 28.085mg/Nm3, 25.42mg/Nm3, 24.805mg/Nm3, all met the local requirements for NOx emission.

Measured NOx Emission of ZOZEN low NOx gas-fired boiler

Measured NOx Emission of ZOZEN low NOx gas-fired boiler

The results of these tests were normal, and the final test report stated that NOx emission met the environmental protection requirements. Regarding this after-sales service, the customer stated that the ZOZEN service engineers were very professional, the service was considerate and thoughtful, and the cooperation with ZOZEN was very satisfied.