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12 MW YLW thermal oil heater for chemical industry

Thermal oil heaters cases
  • Type

    HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Capacity

    12 MW

  • Location

    Hangzhou, Zhejiang

  • Model


12 MW YLW thermal oil heater for chemical industry
Case introduction

Zhejiang Jihua Group Co., Ltd. is based on the bank of Qiantang River, which is famous both at home and abroad. It is adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The group has established production bases in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Linjiang Industrial Park and Jiangsu Coastal Economic and Technological Development Zone respectively. Hangzhou Jihua Jiangdong Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of its core enterprises, and the main products of Jihua Group include dyes, industrial sulfuric acid, polyurethane sponges and high-grade coatings. As one of the three largest dye production bases in the world recognized by the industry, Jihua Group also has two 10,000-ton sewage treatment plants. Last year, during the renovation of the old plant of Hangzhou Jinhua Jiangdong Chemical Co., Ltd., the principal learned that the thermal oil heater of ZOZEN boiler was packaged to deliver, and easy and quick to install. After the equipment is in place, it only needs the oil and electricity, then can be put into operation. The boiler is coaled by a chain grate and equipped with a drum, induced draft fan to ventilate mechanically, and slag extractor to slag automatically,so it’s very safe and efficient. As a result, Jihua Jiangdong Chemical Co., Ltd. purchased a 12 MW thermal oil heater from ZOZEN.

Customer feedback—— Jihua Group

The principle of Jihua Group said, "the thermal efficiency of ZOZEN thermal fluid heater is high, and it is fully intelligently controlled. Once it starts, the boiler will operate automatically. Its function is complete, and the built-in devices and pipe orifice are arranged reasonably. So, it is the ideal heating equipment for energy-saving."

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