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manufacturing companies boiler commercial 8t, ZOZEN automatic thermal oil heater with excellent technology occupies the maeket of the food industry

21 Nov 2020        page view:  1000

In recent years, with the deepening cooperation between China and Africa, ZOZEN and KPC have built a friendly cooperation relationship with the oil-fired steam boiler project. In the petroleum processing industry, steam is the main factor affecting the energy consumption of enterprises. The safe, efficient and energy-saving boiler system directly determines the quality of oil products and the economic benefits of enterprises.

Relying on its solid strength, ZOZEN gained a new partner in the paper industry in Papua New Guinea - Pom Packaging. Due to the expansion of production capacity, Pom Packaging urgently needs to introduce multiple steam boilers with stable performance to meet production needs. Pom Packaging company fully affirmed ZOZEN's expertise in biomass boilers after in-depth technical exchanges, and then ordered multiple sets of 15tph SZL series biomass steam boilers.

ZOZEN SHL series boiler is the bulk industrial boiler with dual boiler cylinders and transverse arranged, as well as the natural cycling coal combustion water pipe boiler. The transverse upper and lower boiler cylinders and water cooling walls together form the silo type furnace, together with convection pipe bundle and collection chest to form the boiler body frame.

Pakistan is an emerging market in Asia whose overall economy is at the stage of developing and exporting light industry . The textile industry is currently Pakistan’s pillar industry. In addition, in recent years, food processing, engineering, machinery, chemical and other industries have accelerated the pace of development. ZOZEN Boiler, as an international industrial boiler manufacturer, has produced high-quality chain grate boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers and thermal oil heaters which are widely applied in textile, feed, food, chemical and other industries in Pakistan.

The furnace of ZOZEN SZL series coal fired boilers adopts a close-packed a close-packed arrangement of water wall tubes. The application of close-packed water wall in furnace design changes the traditional structural form of the original industrial boiler furnace water-wall, effectively preventing high-temperature flue gas from scouring and radiating the furnace. Furnace radiation area is large, maintenance workload is small, overall weight is light.

With the application of patented technology in chain grate furnace, ZOZEN has realized the high efficiency and low emission of DZL series steam boilers. The thermal efficiency can reach 82% and NOx emissions can be less than 100mg/Nm3, which not only improves the combustion efficiency but also reduces the operating costs and pollution emissions of enterprises, manufacturing companies boiler commercial 8t.

Based on low-nitrogen and energy-saving technology, ZOZEN is committed to developing widely used and advanced technology, products and services. In this way, ZOZEN provides heat source support for various industries around the world to promote future cutting-edge business and realize the application dreams of users in various fields. The low-nitrogen boilers designed by ZOZEN can control the emission of NOx to lower than 30mg, which are widely used in various industries and are attractive for the national and international market, manufacturing companies boiler commercial 8t.