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ZOZEN Boiler promotes the development of distributed energy system (DES)

08 Apr 2021        page view:  1008

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, gas distributed energy has been widely used in many fields such as industrial parks, residential heating and so on because of its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and safety. There are countless new gas distributed energy projects all across the world, and ZOZEN gas-fired boiler has cooperated with many enterprises to build distributed energy systems, effectively improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy and reducing carbon emissions as a whole.


There are many forms of gas distributed energy systems, among which the system composed of the gas-fired boiler, gas turbine, waste heat boiler and supporting auxiliary equipment is more common. The gas-fired boiler is used not only for heating, but also for power generation, so there are higher requirements on the parameter range, steam quality, boiler efficiency and safety performance of supporting boiler equipment.


The medium-temperature and medium-pressure gas-fired boiler designed by ZOZEN Boiler has reasonable structure and high steam quality, which effectively solves the safety problem of boiler operation.



ZOZEN distributed energy system for Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group


ZOZEN Boiler participated the distributed energy system project in Changshu

ZOZEN Boiler assisted Changshu Copper Industry Corporation to jointly build a set of cogeneration units of combined gas-steam cycle, ensuring the heat and power supply of relevant enterprises in the region.



Site drawing of ZOZEN gas-fired boilers


To meet the steam demand for different purposes of the project, several sets of gas-fired steam boilers with different performance parameters are designed by ZOZEN Boiler. Two sets of medium-temperature and medium-pressure boilers are used to cooperate with steam turbine sets for power generation. In order to meet the local environmental standard, ZOZEN gas-fired boiler adopts advanced low-NOx combustion technology and imported burner, which can control the emission of nitrogen oxides within 30mg/Nm3 .


The overall energy-saving effect of ZOZEN gas-fired boiler is remarkable, and the thermal efficiency is up to more than 98%. The furnace with large volume of the boiler ensures that the fuel burns more sufficiently. The energy-saving device such as the condenser is added at the end of the flue to fully absorb the waste heat of the flue gas dust. It effectively improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Also, the boiler adopts high-class aluminum silicate fibre and refractory mortar to control the heat loss efficiently for better heat preservation. The measured furnace temperature in the boiler room is only 35.3 ℃.



The measured furnace temperature of ZOZEN gas-fired boiler is lower than the national standard


At the present stage, the distributed energy system relies on distributed clean energy power generation or comprehensive energy optimization utilization. It has begun to take shape in China, and will be a beneficial supplement to the power grid. As a member of clean energy equipment manufacturers, ZOZEN Boiler actively participates in the construction of distributed energy system, effectively promoting China's development into an energy power.